Jobbing Ziggler, What's Wrong With Ryder, AJ Styles A Top Talent, HHH vs. Lesnar

What's the deal with the recent booking of Dolph Ziggler? He looks really weak and one would think that WWE would push him to the top as he has the MITB contract?

The ultra weak booking of Dolph Ziggler is a complete mystery. Why put him over at Money in the Bank and give him the title shot only to job him out? It's been nothing short of horrible. We heard the talk amongst producers backstage during last week's Raw was why they put Ric Flair with The Miz and not Ziggler. I elaborated on this here in the WNW Premium Mailbag. The problem now is even if WWE "comes to their senses" and decides to push Ziggler, would anyone buy him as champion?

I don't understand the downfall of Zack Ryder. What is he missing or what is stopping him from getting pushed?

Zack Ryder got himself over using YouTube but his push as United States Champion was short lived. For whatever reason his push just didn't stick. I actually agree with Ryder that some character progression needs to take place. The Jersey Shore gimmick is outdated and perhaps a more serious character would do better. Some people were optimistic that Ryder worked with CM Punk on weekend live events but they were complete squash matches.

Do you think AJ Styles has what it takes to be a main event guy or possibly THE guy in WWE like how he deserves to be THE guy in TNA?

AJ Styles is great in the ring and has the potential to thrive in the right position. He's set to return to Impact Wrestling on this week's show from Chicago. I don't know what else to say as he's under TNA contract and WWE is not even in the picture.

How do you see Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar being booked at Wrestlemania?

I don't like the fact WWE is rematching Triple H and Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania for the same reason I don't like The Rock vs. John Cena II. It seems the only plausible outcome is for Hunter to avenge his loss to Lesnar from SummerSlam much like it is for Cena to avenge his loss to Rock from last year. Both Brock and Rock are booked past Wrestlemania but the chances of either going over at Wrestlemania seem slim. Hunter going under twice to Lesnar would hurt him because he wrestles so little and what type of message does it send having "the face of the company" in Cena going under two years straight at Wrestlemania? Not only does rematching these bouts back creative into a corner but the lack of variety frustrates many people.

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  • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

    So, what was the reason they put Flair with Miz and not Ziggs?

    • The Breaker

      One plausible explanation is that a returning Ric Flair gets a huge pop and thus is relegated to being a face. So, thinking completely inside the box, WWE puts him with Miz because he is fresh off a turn and trying to get over. But it’s obvious to everyone that from a character standpoint that Ziggler has a very Flair-like presence. You could also make the argument pretty easily that Ziggler needs the extra rub a lot more than The Miz right now, being in the position he’s in with the Money in the Bank briefcase. Ziggler has proven, even with what little he’s been given, that he has all the tools to be a star. Time to hand him the ball and see what he can really do.

      • StraightEdgeForLife

        You used the word plausible because Richard used the word 🙂

        • The Breaker

          Haha, I didn’t notice. A subconscious form of imitation, perhaps?

    • Gary Robert

      Its a pretty simple answer. They were trying to get Miz over as a baby face so they aligned him with Flair.

  • They have done this to the past few MITB winners (apart from Cena) its so its the whole unpredictable thing, i think he needs to drop AJ amd Big E

    I would liked to see Ryder turn heel, the way he is on Twitter..WWE could really cash in on it and turn him heel, it will get him away from the Jersey Shore gimmick as well then

    Cant see AJ Styles ever making it big in WWE and i cant see him leaving TNA has he has a great working relationship with Dixie

    HHH and Brock is too predictable, Rock vs Cena II not as much now that Rock is going to be working Extreme Rules, they can have Rock Drop the title there without getting pinned as i would expect CM Punk to be thrown into the match because Undertaker wont work past Wrestlemania

  • John

    If Triple H puts himself over at WrestleMania then my faith in his ability to run the company will be gone! What justification is their for Triple H to go over Brock Lesnar? Triple H isn’t even a part time worker, he is semi-retired. How can you possibly rebuild Lesnar after he jobs to someone who won’t wrestle again until WrestleMania 30?
    IF Lesnar hadn’t re-signed with WWE then i could see the logic in him losing, but with him renewing his contract, there is no way he should lose to Triple H.

    • 1molly23

      Lesnar re-signed purely for the money – he said so, WWE said so. So who cares if Lesnar wins or loses? He couldn’t wrestle his last time thru the WWE, he ran away from his BIG MMA career, he came back to WWE and had so little respect for the WWE and the WWE universe. he couldn’t even bother to memorize 1 line of script! And WWE fans are supposed to care if this steroid-brain wins?

      • Gary Robert

        He couldn’t WRESTLE last time the WWE? What are you smoking? The guy was one of the best in-ring guys I had ever watched.

        • LeftyTosser

          Gary, have you actually watched any of Lesnar’s previous matches in WWE? Folks get on Cena about not being able to wrestle but Lesnar was one of the prime examples of a guy that got over because VKM wanted him over. He can’t wrestle any better today than he did during his last run. He gets over as a bully, not as a wrestler.

      • Run away from his MMA career????? Yes let’s continue fighting when he almost died from his sickness and risk death. Makes sense.

        • Carlos is a dumbass

          He didn’t quit because he almost died, he recovered from that illness. He quit b/c Overeem whipped his ass

  • D-Bag

    Ziggler cashes in at WM, Flair turns heel, and manages Ziggler, AJ, and Big E.

    • Lrgetrout9

      A cash at WM is almost guaranteed. Why hold it this long to let the biggest stage go by without it being used?

  • Gary Robert

    Richard, I have to assume that “WWE Creative” is a GROUP of people so I’m curious how a brainstorm of ideas and people creating them can always lack so much actual creativity and how is it that McMahon and other higher-ups don’t see this lack of storytelling talent back stage and just hire more qualified people???

  • @ Nick Brazda, so with your logic, why bother discussing anything at all and/or read other peoples opinions? If you do not like other peoples opinions or input , why are you here?

  • BlazeKing

    It’s not what Ryder needs to do, it’s what WWE needs to *let* Ryder do. His webshow was great until WWE pulled their creative control card (+1 to whoever gets that reference).