Joe Blanchard Dead At 84

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Former wrestler and promoter Joe Blanchard, the father of Tully Blanchard, died this morning. He was 84. Tully wrote the following today on Facebook:

“3-22-2012 marks the end of my Fathers life in the natural. He passed at 8:00 AM, Joe Blanchard stepped into Eternity with his Lord and Savior, Jesus!”

You can read more at this link.

  • chelu671

    RIP Joe, you may have been before my time, but you won’t be forgotten.

    • I liked this book a lot. Whether you grew up loving WWE or have just taken an seetrnit lately, this book looks back at how the most seetrniting feud in WWE history (in my humble opinion anyway) got started. The Shawn Michaels connection and the behind the camera stuff really makes me view this angle differently and I enjoy it SO MUCH MORE because of it. Best wrestling related book I’ve read in a LONG, LONG time. It’s easy to read and it leaves you with a lot of awesome insights and observations.

  • Tone


  • Russell

    Great message he is in a better place now god bless amen

  • Richie

    My regards and prayers to the family.

    • The only thing that makes me anxious for JDS are Overeem’s knee irkstes in the clinch game. Other than that JDS won’t get bullied by Overeem, he is more durable than Overeem and his hand irkstes and possibly ground game are better than Overeem’s. JDS trains with Big Nog and I have seen him attempt successful takedowns against Roy and Carwin. Both heavier opponents than him. Out of all the fights I have seen Overeem in (the ones that are available) he is reluctant to ground fight. I would like to check out his other fights since a good chunk have been won by submission my guess by guillotine. Overeem has a good guillotine according to himself and so does Cody Mckenzie. Also JDS has a higher KO rate than Overeem. It’s going to be an awesome first rd before the lights out for Overeem.

  • Frank Mann

    I remember Joltin' Joe Blanchard, My prayers go with him and family. Utmost respect for the man and as a wrestler. Those who remember Joe and our prayers to Tully. Goodbye for now Joe. GOD BLESS

  • A Buffy reference in a reswtling column? It’s like you wrote this as a love note to me. I can’t agree more about the abundance of “ZOMG! IT’S THAT GUY/GAL OOOOPS I LOST!” match finishers. Having 3 in one night makes me think the writers pull endings out of a bag… “Wow, we pulled ‘distracted by nemesis’ three times guys, gotta shake that bag up more next week.” Not to mention that is seems the only finisher they can come up with in an “Any Diva vs Nat and/or Beth” match is a SURPRISE! small package! Please, please, please at least pretend you care, Creative? Was I the only one waiting for Max Headroom to jump out of my screen during the WWE Network promo? Anyone? Sigh. Please, for the love of all that’s sacred and holy in reswtling, make sure Sheik-y baby is in that Legends House. My boyfriend and I created almost the exact same conversation between Punk & Evan. Get out of my brain, Brandon. It’s a scary, nerdy place in there. Not one of Punk’s best mic moments, but the Hercules belt swing made up for it. I was surprised they actually went for the “best in all your future endeavors, JoMo” moment for John, but it was exactly what that segment needed, besides a five-second pose for those with the benefit of flash photography.I am, at this moment, sending you a KEVIN NASH MAEKS THE POOPIES >=( macro via Twitter. It will never not be funny to me as well.