Joel Luke & Forrest Jamison Charged With Theft After Stealing TNA Championship Belts

Two men in Iowa have been charged with theft after police say they stole two TNA championship belts at a TNA live event in the city on August 18th.

KCCI 8 out of Des Moines reports that Joel Luke was charged with second-degree theft and Forrest Jamison was charged with accessory after the fact. Both men hail from Ottumwa and were released on bond.

One of the belts was valued at $6,000 while the other, a replica, was valued at $400.

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  • $6000?! So they stole the actual belt? Where was austin aries?

  • chelu671

    So the Greatest Man in the World in TNA Wrestling couldn't protect his own World Title? Shame on you, Double A.

    Well, judging by their Impact Wrestling's lack of security guards, they couldn't stop Aces & Eights. Now you're telling me they couldn't stop 2 civilians at a Live Event as well? LOL.

  • Mr.Love

    Really? Really? I think this is more of a note if it was an actual title. Not one they sell at stands but still it’s funny to hear someone actual try lol wow really?

    • I didnt know they sold $6000 world titles at the concession stands….

      • Mr.Love

        Wwe sold a 2000$ one at the wrestlemania 20 revenge tour when I went so I can see them selling real titles

  • Patrick Peralta

    Brilliant move what morons

  • Ricky Valdez


  • Skitzo

    If you’re not in this business to be a world champion then get the Hell out

  • James

    there names sound like fake wrestling names. this is a work

  • Rob

    Bet they in ace of eights now after gettin patched

  • branchtana

    didn’t necessarily say it was the world title belt. Could have been any of their belts. The television belt would make since though. TNA acts as if that belt was stolen months ago anyways.

  • Not Surprised

    Forrest Jamison claims to be a member of the internet group "Anonymous" under the name VictorFawkes. He was responsible for trolling a woman named Breanna Greathouse who later came to the house of Forrest Jamison with a gun intent on shooting him. She later committed suicide. Forrest has posted images of her autopsy on YouTube and continues to harass, stalk and defame innocent people online. He calls family members of his victims claiming that they are pedophiles and has even used his teenage daughter's voice in several videos calling people sex offenders and pedos. He is a danger to society.