Joey Ryan Responds To Impact Wrestling And The Gut Check Challenge

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Joey Ryan uploaded the following video to his official YouTube channel, responding to Impact Wrestling and Gut Check:

  • DeathDancer

    I love this guy! why did they sign silva over him? that guy was balls

    • Andrew

      he is signed…kinda…he was working for Ring Ka King known as Joey Hollywqod, he's not done with TNA yet

  • BigMike

    he has talent but he needs to get rid of the Run Burgundy look (( and I hated that movie I cant stand Will Ferrell)) but he has talent just find a different 70's schtick to do like an afro like in Welcome Back Kotter or something just get rid of that caterpiller on ur lip

    • Abe

      thanks you for spewing out what was said on thursday, get your own ideas

  • rogstab

    Main eventing MSG… I don’t think so. But he does bring up a TON a really good points.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    He Co-Owns with several indy Wrestlers PWG in California Foundersand
    Disco Machine
    Joey Ryan
    Scott Lost
    Super Dragon
    Top Gun Talwar

    Joey Ryan is a good Talent and this gimmick he is using in TNA is one he has used for years on the indy scene. He made several good points I'm a fan of his and seen him wrestle in PWG.

  • john c.

    i cant stand the Taz of today! hes a fat, outta shape, Brooklyn though guy wannabe piss ass! i bet Ryan can whoop his sorry fat ass any day of the week and twice on Sunday!

  • Ian D.

    I'm sorry, but in the ring, he was terrible. Yeah, he has a great gimmick, but he looked really rusty during that match.

    • Dangerous Lee

      Terrible in the ring? What match were you watching?

  • Lee McAndrew

    Gut Check would be a good idea if they didn't try and do the phony reality TV segment the week after.
    Joey would have been an entertaining addition to the TNA roster, I think they made a mistake not to pick him up. Then again… I wouldn't rule out this being part of a storyline where he does eventually join the roster.

  • Michael

    I think its all a work. Sooner or later we'll see him on tv.