John “Bradshaw” Layfield & Michael Cole Exchange Words On Twitter When JBL Teases Commentary Return

John “Bradshaw” Layfield posted some friendly Tweets about returning to Smackdown as a commentator and called out Michael Cole. Cole broke his silence on Twitter by responding. The Tweets are embedded below:

Michael Cole responded:

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker for sending these in.

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  • Marc

    Wrestling God > Wrestling goof

  • Wwe4L76

    Cole is a ass!
    JBL is a wrestling god!

  • Patrick Peralta

    I would love for JBL to return to the announce table if only to get rid of Cole.

  • AnnO

    Of course JBL was tearing; he’s got mountains to climb (as he confirmed later on Twitter)!

    • AnnO

      “teasing,” not “tearing.”

      • Wwe4L76


  • http://wweeverything.con Josh UK

    Why rip on cole he is awesome at his character

  • Dangerous Lee

    Theres a clothesline from hell with cole’s name on it.

  • Miles

    Best part of raw 1000 was the APA!

  • Ricky Valdez

    Yess yess yess yess yess yess yess!!! Come back wrestling God, and save us from Michael cole.

  • hurrigame

    The Wrestling God could outcall The Wrestling Ass any day of the week IN HIS SLEEP! I hope he comes back to Smackdown soon.

  • Eagle one

    I honestly believe that true legends like JBL have an open door relationship in WWE. If JBL seriously wanted to come back and commentate he would be back tomorrow.

  • Kevin

    Can you say Clothesline From Hell on Michael Cole? Yes you can. Come on. I know you can say it. JBL could do us all a favor and put Michael Cole out of our misery with one Clothesline From Hell.