John Cena "A Wreck" & "Miserable" Over His Marriage

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TMZ has more online regarding John Cena's divorce. The publication features a video of Cena kissing his wife ringside at WWE Raw Supershow in Boston prior to Wrestlemania XXVIII.

According to the report, Cena has been "a wreck" over his marriage for months and hasn't been shy about discussing his problems at home while hanging out backstage before WWE events. The arguing between the couple has been a problem since they got married in 2009 with a recent spat being over the remodeling of their Florida home. Cena has reportedly been "miserable" for the past few months.

Click here for coverage by TMZ.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker for sending the link.

  • ZDF

    Guess we now know why he likes to be on the road 24/7…

  • Kleck

    I have a lot of sympathy for John here. My fear is that Vince and his crack 'creative' staff will take this horrible situation and weave it into a storyline.

    • Matt Scott

      To be honest I think Cena might be exempt from such things. He is the companies top draw.

  • billy

    cena should take 6 months off to heal his relationship with his wife

    • Philip Thompson

      It sounds like it's too late for that. I just hope his $18million fortune is well-protected by the pre-nup. It's just fortunate that there are no kids involved.

    • Alex P

      I think they've gone beyond that point…but I do agree that he should take time off. The man does WAY too much and it seems like he always on the go inside and outside for the ring with all of the promotions and make-a-wish functions. He needs to just take time off for himself. Otherwise he could end up in a bad situation and I'm not just talking about divorce.

    • lasagnefacearsecock

      He should take a couple af years out !!!

  • Dangerous Lee

    This is great news for all you ladies out there.

  • Sebastian

    Poor John! That sucks to hear he's miserable. It's bad enough all the hate WWE fans give him all the time, hardest working man on the planet!

  • Aldin94

    Women these days…

    • Cceebb

      Women “these days”? Women have been women since the beginning of time.They haven’t changed

  • Jordan g

    Hate him or love him John cena does a lot for the business. I hope he gets one hell of a cheer on Raw this week because he deserves all of the fans support. John cena busts his but everynight to make sure we leave entertained. Without John cena there would have been no reason for the rock to come back. Hes a living legend in this business and I hope he comes out of this okay.

  • Tazredwolf

    Wonder if this means the new dream machine inCENArator is in jeopardy…since it was built from his Vette…

  • rob

    supercena isnt even immune to a money hungry hoeski

  • H.M.

    One of the issues revolving around a remodeling of a home in FL?

    All about the money/property…what a sad state of affairs.

  • anon

    He could be the sewer king of ring rats.

  • Kevin

    And this is why I've always been a proponent of stars (be they athletes, entertainers, or a combination of the two) being single during their careers. Whether you're a pro athlete, a Hollywood actor/actress, or a WWE or UFC star, their is just too much temptation out there. Plus, with all the days spent away from your family, how can one expect anything but a deteriorating marriage? Even if you manage somehow NOT to cheat on your spouse while you're on the road, and your spouse doesn't cheat on you while you're gone, the long days and nights of separation are hard on a couple. Marriage is a work in progress, and if one of you is gone a lot, the work can't get done.

  • bruno

    I believe cena is worth over 25 million. He was worth 20 million in 2009 and his paycheck keeps increasing

  • joe

    I am in no way a Cena fan but respect has been earned over the last year or so. The man deserves time off, a true class act and an amazing performer. He does not deserve this.

  • Nichole

    I hope and pray that Johns $18 million will not be lost. Wether you love him or hate him you have to agree that he busts his a** every week for the fans! Love and and support the leader of the Cenation <3

  • MonstaHeel 450

    Huh. So when Cena kissed Eve that night….. wonder if THAT was the deathblow to their marriage. Crazy. First she causes a hostile takeover with Johnny Bore. Now this. Eve really is dangerouse to hang around with…

  • kqbooker

    I pray that he works it out with his wife!