John Cena/AJ Affair Storyline, The Miz As A Babyface, Rock Leaking Info, WWE Fronting Money

Are you as disgusted by the John Cena/AJ Lee affair storyline as I am? It seems like there is no point to the angle other than for Vince McMahon to bully John Cena.

No, I'm not disgusted with the angle and feel it's better than a lot of the stuff they've done with the John Cena character over the years. Is Vince McMahon taking a legitimate shot at Cena? That's what we heard and reported here on Richard's Backstage Blog but it's all for the sake of an entertaining program. Let's just put it in prospective. A good old fashion "affair" angle or a hideous over-the-top corny PG promo leading to yet another successful Cena main event match? I'm taking the former.

I think The Miz's face turn is a major step in him becoming a MAJOR star. Do you think this is good for his character and can elevate him to Rock, Cena, Punk, or Orton status?

I'm a fan of The Miz's work and feel he's worked very hard to climb the ladder while improving his in-ring work and mic at the same time. However, I do not see The Miz on the same level as the names you mentioned. That's not to say I don't see him as a main event talent either because I can buy him as a viable WWE title contender or even champion. But the names you mentioned are guys capable of being the "face of the company" and I just don't see Miz being able to accomplish such a feat. As for a babyface turn, Miz is talented enough to work as either a heel or a babyface and we'll just see how it goes. I can tell you Triple H is not a fan of turning Miz babyface but you can read more about that at this link.

It seems The Rock has a habit of giving away WWE story lines. Just before he was announced as Wrestlemania 27 guest host, he sent a tweet confirming the same. Now he keeps sending tweets to CM Punk and even posted a picture of himself in a CM Punk t-shirt. How does WWE feel about this?

Just for the record, we actually spoiled The Rock's involvement at Wrestlemania 27 days before it was officially announced so Vince can hate us for that one. As for him leaking information related to storylines, Rock hasn't done anything that's going to hurt his standing in the company. In fact, the company probably appreciates it when Rock promotes their material to his 3.6 million Twitter followers. It's not exactly been a secret WWE intends on doing Punk vs. Rock at Royal Rumble but that's always subject to change.

In the past you have said how WWE will pay for their talent's medical procedures and then expect to be paid back. My question is does WWE pay for former talent's procedures (i.e. Edge's recent neck surgery)?

Edge's surgery was performed by WWE's medical director Dr. Joseph Maroon so they certainly had involvement in the procedure. I don't know who footed the bill but many people in Edge's position can afford health insurance and the insurance company will pay at least part of the cost. Situations where WWE loans money for surgeries are usually for people that do not have insurance and need a lot of cash to pay for very expensive care. As noted, WWE expects repayment in these situations. I will put WWE over for helping former talent, especially when it comes to paying for rehab with no strings attached but I'm still upset over the fact workers are not given the option of healthcare.

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  • Ray

    I know wwe is banking on punk vs rock at royal rumble. Personally I feel it takes away the intensity of punk’s matches. Because your I’m like ” oh yeah punk’s gonna hold the tittle to royal rumble an maybe to wrestlemania” even though things can change, those are the projected plans. It makes it less intresting knowing who the winner is going to be 9 times out of 10. It’s like knowing the ending to a movie you really wanted to see.

    • Ken

      "Wow, who'd have thought that Darth Vader was really Luke's father?" (Homer)

  • Jambo Masai from Kenya

    john cena is the most electrifying superstar of all time. Any angle is exciting. So shut your hole.

    • WyFo

      What are you, 5?

    • Lloyd clarke

      Best comment ever…… 😉

    • sean

      you sir are an idoit

  • Ant

    Again with a question today. People complain about WWE PG programing and they want a return to the attitude era but when WWE does something remotely edgey people are offended. I'm beginning to wonder if some of these people complain about it just because it seems to be the "cool thing," and are too young to really remember and only know what they saw on youtube and DVDs. Least we forget about angles such as when Kaientai cut off Val Venis's male anatomy or sable taking off her top with just body paint on or Marc Mero being the abusive boyfriend and beating his girl friends. Just to name a couple of the edgey angles that I'm sure there were much worse that I can't think of right now.

    As for who footed the bill for Edge's neck surgery Edge is a Canadian citizen so while I'm not an expert on the subject they are supposed to have really good medical insurance there that covers a lot so maybe it was covered by the universal medical insurance they have in Canada.

  • Kings of Wrestling

    Lets not get to excited for the Miz "face" turn. He could turn is back on Team Foley at Survivor Series.

    • Andrew

      Exactly what I think will happen

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    The Miz can't be on the same level as Rock, Cena, Punk or Orton status and as I can see for today's superstars, no one can. Especially with that Bigfoot called Ryback. Ryback is so corny…

    • Tom lee

      and boring ……zzzzzzzzzzzzzz..sleeping

  • Nick B

    People are offended by the punk/heyman segment because this situation was so real. This wasn’t storyline, someone died and they made a joke out of it, I’m not offended but I see why people would be.

    • John

      Who 'died' exactly? A little bit dramatic to say it like that, is it not? End of the day, nobody died, Jerry Lawler is fine, and the WWE is now moving on with building storylines.

      Lets no forget that the WWE once created a character and storyline based off of the 9/11 terrorist attacks!! A storyline that went so far that the tv network forced WWE into ending the Hassan character.

      • whitethought_

        Jerry Lawler was pronounced clinically dead for 15 minutes before he was eventually revived. So technically, thank God he is alive today but he was dead at one point.

    • Kevin

      Yeah, here's the thing: The WWE has been using real-life scenarios in wrestling stories for decades. In fact, all of wrestling has. The angle used by WCW where Ms. Elizabeth left Randy Savage to be with Ric Flair came from the real-life divorce that Elizabeth and Randy were going through. The angle of Edge and LIta working together came from the fact that she left Matt Hardy for Edge. TNA ran an angle on Kurt Angle where his wife Karen is now married to Jeff Jarrett. That's from the real world; she left Kurt (for whatever reason) and is now truly married to JJ. So it doesn't shock me at all that they used Jerry's heart attack in an angle with Punk and Heyman. Had Jerry not survived, THEN it would shock me to see that storyline.

  • Monty

    I will say t again if people want more edgy shows than that cena angle shouldn't bother anyone. During the attitude era things like these wre normal

    Seriously people make up your mind do you want of rated shows or more edgy shows. Vince since Linda's loss may have change of heart so maybe a bit more edgy shows from now

  • 1-800-NWO-0242

    @ Nick B, I see what you’re saying a good example would be if Owen Hart survived that fall and, something like the Punk/Heyman segment happened making fun of his fall when he came back from it. Probably would be looked at as awful and distasteful even back then during the Attitude Era. I know for sure Bret Hart wouldn’t have liked it if that did happen.

  • Lloyd clarke

    Im guessing jerry saw it as just business

    • Ken

      Just business, exactly. If I was somehow in Jerry Lawler's situation here the very first thing I'd have done was to go to Vince and give him the go-ahead on writing that into an angle for the simple reason that it would, and did, get a reaction.

  • Fernando

    I've said it before and I'll say it again: you Americans need a public healthcare system. Obama, don't fail 'em!

  • A.C.

    Punk is a great wrestler as a heel or a face. He's also been a great champion. It is time, however for a title change. We don't need another Hogan. Even if he loses it and gets it back a month or two later, I'm cool with that. I'm just thinking a little variety is welcome, and he can still say "best in the world."

    • Kevin

      I think you're wish is about to come true. I believe that the WWE will allow the Rock to beat Punk for the title. However, because the Rock can't wrestle full-time, he won't hold the title long. Punk will invoke his rematch clause either at the following MNW, or at the following month's PPV, and will win back the title.

  • Ross Perot

    Whoop dat ass, take dat cash and take out dat trash!

  • Chris

    Im not sure why Rock taking shots at Punk is leaking a storyline. Rock has a title match against the WWE Champion at Royal Rumble, and is taking shots at the WWE Champion….Its not spoiling anything….

  • Andrew

    Punk will hold the title past the rumble and mania. You’ll see.

    • izblack

      Hell No

  • Gary

    Why does WWE Creative feel this whole JohnCena/A.J. angle is anything interesting? I sit there and watch Vicki show footage and proof each week and all I can think is, who cares if they hooked up? People hook up left and right. So what?

    To me, all this does it make the A.J. character, which was a great female character, more goofy. Why would she want cornball Cena after being interested in guys like Kane and Punk? Silly, silly.

    • HugeRockStar


  • HugeRockStar

    It’s not that the Cena angle is too edgy that ppl don’t like it, it’s because it sucks and makes zero sense.

  • Superfly

    The way I see it is that Punk is still really over with a lot of the fans and they are doing whatever they can to make him the hated heel. They have been trying so hard to get the fans to turn on him and it is just not happening the way they would like. Punk is still the best thing on the show.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Lawler suggested the angle. He did a lot worse angles down in the old Memphis territory. This is a guy that went on Letterman and beat up Andy Kaufmann to keep an angle going.

  • seba

    i think the rock does it because we all know it's gonna be Punk vs Rock at Royal Rumble…. or did you forget that the night after Wrestlemania 28 he crossed ways with punk and challenged him to a match???