John Cena Announced For World Title Match At WWE Hell In A Cell

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Vickie Guerrero announced on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw that Alberto Del Rio will defend the World Heavyweight Championship against John Cena at WWE Hell in a Cell later this month.

Cena underwent surgery for a torn triceps in August and was expected to be out 4-6 months. He wrote the following on Twitter:

While Cena's not at Raw, he's scheduled to appear on Good Morning America on Tuesday morning.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2013 will take place Sunday, October 27, 2013 from the AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami, Florida. We'll have exclusive live play-by-play coverage here at

  • StraightEdgeForLife

    NO! NO! NO!

  • Mike

    Hmm talk about a possible false advertising if he’s not going to wrestle.

    • Dave Barton

      When does Cena ever “wrestle”?

  • smark calloway

    is this gonna be a work? like theyre gonna bring out a midget cena or something instead – a la dx promising the hitman angle in late 97 ..( i can hear jbl now .” cena coming up a bit short as usual ” )

  • Spike Westphal

    i thought he out for 4 to 6 months this is way to soon and i also thought he said he be out until early 2014 the latest

    • smark calloway

      HGH ( human growth hormone )can make people heal mighty quickly ..not that im pointing fingers mind you

      • Steve pritchard

        He isnt taking hgh. He couldnt pass a wellness if that was the case. Theyre prob just bringing him back early because of ratings and no one to face del rio for the title. Plus him being in the whc picture isnt as demanding as the wwe title picture. The whc needs this really bad. I like sandows gimmick but i dont think he is quite ready for the title picture yet.

        • smark calloway

          Do you honestly believe that if cena tested positive for HGH we would know about it ? It would be hushed up and swept under the carpet . Besides he’s hardly gonna be punished for it is it .vince wants him back and healthy as quick as he can and if that means taking ” something ” to help speed up recovery , then I’m sure Vince would turn a blind eye . I’ve known people that have gone for WWE tryout matches and they get a list of things that can’t be in three system . There’s so many loopholes there ( some steroids are ok , some aren’t , some controlled substances are ok and some aren’t ) Richard himself as said he feels like the wellness policy is a joke sometimes . And as somebody who has heard stories from the people that have gone for tryouts and were told to bulk up by using certain illegal substances they don’t look for in the program , I’m inclined to agree with him . Also if you know the symptoms of HGH abuse you would know the signs of a user and cena does display some of those signs . Benoit who was also an HGH user before his death ( this has been confirmed ) is an example of how someone looks when they use it . They grow a protruding brow and grow abnormally proportioned arms or other body parts . The body’s healing process is sped up exceptionally as well when using it ( hence why the muscle grow so big , so quickly ) Cena says he doesn’t take steriods and maybe he doesn’t , but I question his HGH usage

  • Simon Veitch

    I don’t mind if this is true, Cena in the world title picture stops him dominating the wwe title picture

  • King A sshole

    If Cena returns we bitch online!

  • jj

    This is interesting cause the WHC has been for evaluation the upper mid card and cena with that title would only make it valuable again it would be nice to aslo see cena-Sandow fued for the title

  • Bob’s Diner

    I think this has an obvious outcome; Cena wins but shows he came back too early, with ADR working on the arm. Sandow cashes in and defeats a worn out and injured Cena, Gives them a way of getting the title off one heel and on to another while trying to get a buy-rate boost from Cena coming back (since they’ve probably realised last night’s show cost them a stack of buys for Hell in a Cell). Cena goes back to not wrestling for a little while longer

    • AJ Punk

      Let’s hope!

    • Avalanchian

      Then no one takes Sandow serious and WWE realizes they gave the championship to someone the crowd simply could care even less for than ADR.

      • Alain Alfred Corpuz

        Well at least Sandow gets a better reaction than ADR

  • stoney

    He really is superman

  • Patrick

    I’m not suprised Cena is coming back early he’s done it before when Vince panics and feels he should return early because he is worried over raitings.

  • CheetoMontoya

    Maybe this is the first stage of unifying the belts

  • kingdook24

    Thank god. Hope Cena’s good to go & he’s not risking further injury. We all see what happens when you try to come back from injury too soon AKA Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, etc.

  • amaanakter

    Why Why Why!!!!!! I thought we were Cena free for atleast 4 more months!!

  • The World’s Most Interesting M

    It seems obvious to have Super Cena defeat Del Rio and then Sandow come in and beat Cena and put him back on the shelf. If would at least make all the Cena fans hate Sandow and allow him to be the heel on top of the Upper Mid Card and rival with Dolph….(hopefully).

  • Heel_Vienna

    Have u guys see the rating recently?? With weak and draggy storyline, I think bringing back Cena is really good for business! Possible scenario: somehow renew Cena-Orton rivalry!

  • WyFo

    As much as I hate to say it, if Cena does win the WHC, it will become just as prestigious as the WWE title again which is what it needs.