John Cena Appears After Raw Supershow; Beats Kane In Dark Match Main Event

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John Cena appeared in front of the live crowd in Greensboro, North Carolina after last night's WWE Raw Supershow went off the air. Cena beat Kane in a dark match main event after hitting the Attitude Adjustment.

  • Justin


  • thatguy

    so much for keeping kayfabe. Triple H is doing it. so should he

    • Logan_Walker

      no hes not… his "Injury" was not apparnet at last weeks boxing match

  • Matt

    Cena really doesn't take time off haha. Gotta respect that

  • Anand

    This doesnt make sense? Is Kayfabe or storylines only for the TV Audience? How can someone who was supposedly given the week off for therapy by the GM and who spoke to us via satellite with his arm in a sling compete in a match against Kane and hit the AA to win the match?

    Does the WWE creative team or the producers think the fans are stupid or do they think that we wont bother too much about it and move over to the next weeks RAW or Smackdown waiting to see whats gonna happen next?

  • shawnstone05

    Thanks a lot WWE for not airing this match. My son and I really want to watch it.