John Cena Banged Up On Roman Reigns Spear Spot

While I haven't heard if John Cena was legitimately injured in the main event of this week's episode of Monday Night Raw, he appeared to get banged up in a spear spot with Roman Reigns. The spot looked awkward, where Reigns' head appeared to connect with Cena's knee/leg and Cena went to the outside for a couple of minutes. He ended up tagging back in and taking the match home but it was worth mentioning.

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  • BMGabe

    of course you haven’t heard anything. the match just ended.

  • jdl

    And lo, did the first major sign of just how green Reigns is surface. I expected things like this to start happening once his push started in earnest, however how do you botch a spear so badly you

    headbutt your target in the knee? The knee is a third of the body down from your target.

    • opie

      I’m guessing you didn’t actually see the spot. Reigns was on point. Cena did some weird jump and put his knee out in front of him while in the air.

      • jdl

        I saw the spot, and it was still Reigns’ fault. The person delivering the move has to make sure the person taking the move is ready for it. If you’re not aware of what you’re doing before it happens you’re going to hurt yourself and your target, and Reigns should be more careful. There’s a reason Ambrose and Rollins do all of the actual wrestling in Shield matches, all Reigns can do are spots, he has little to no technical ability and this proves it.

        • Razmos

          Errrr no the person taking the bump needs to take it properly, the person hitting the move will hit the move the exact same way everytime, the person taking the bump has to position correctly for the move to be hit!!

        • mike

          Your telling me that cenas inexperienced with taking spears? Obviously cena was ready for it i.m pretty sure reigns had communicated it was coming so its upto cena to position himself properly. To be fair the spears gotta be one of the easiest bumps as well. Lift arms.kick legs out. Land on back.

        • Mysterion

          Who you blaming for the botched spear in the rumble ? Reigns took it in the knee area but Batista delivered it.

        • Greg Phillips

          It was 100% Cena’s fault. Mistakes happen. No biggie.

        • BigMike

          “all Reigns can do are spots, he has little to no technical ability and this proves it.” Sounds like Kevin Nash’s resume and look what happened to him ((6 moves including the hair flip)) Reigns is still learning and yes he has not been around as long as Rollins or Ambrose, but he has the look and the charisma and the legacy; BTW the spear was done the same as Reigns ALWAYS does it but Cena botched it and I am a big Cena fan and IMO Cena works well in the ring and has been a great mentor outside of the ring

    • Mike

      It’s true that Roman Reigns is the greenest of all members of The Shield. There was talk when they first made it to the main roster of Dean Ambrose being the standout star of The Shield. I disagree with this. Seth Rollins is the star of the trio. His matches as Tyler Black on the indie circiut were steller and he finally deserves a crack at the big time, though I fear he will be lost in mid-card obscurity when The Shield finally disband. He could be as big a name in this business as CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.

      • opie

        Yep, he’s pretty much become the least relevant member of The Shield, despite the fact that he’s the most fun to watch.

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      People make mistakes.

  • Mike

    John Cena is just afraid of Roman Reigns getting a push that will jeopardize his position in the main event. While Cena is an experienced performer he is also experienced at getting peoples pushes slowed or stopped altogether. Cena is a famous non seller of other stars moves and this incident on RAW is just another example of his selfishness

    • Xavier

      Enough with the John Cena tries too bury people bull****, Let’s take a look here; CM Punk, Edge, Rob Van Dam, Sheamus & Daniel Bryan are all guys that Cena put over in a big way. Oh and guys like Cody Rhodes, The Miz & Big E Langston have all gone on record saying how much Cena has helped & mentored them. So go somewhere with all that crap

      • opie

        If not for Cena, would Bryan even be in WWE?

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      How is John Cena afraid of Roman Reigns? John Cena does more than ANYBODY for the company, in and out.

      “selfishness” Wasn’t John Cena the one that got Cesaro out at a Live Event and praised the guy and said he has a huge future?

    • Vince McMahon

      Don’t worry about Roman Reigns. He has that look I like! Now if we can eliminate his move set down to 3-4 moves he will be perfect!

      • IWC

        That’s garbage! Reigns can’t hold a candle to the work of Ambrose & Rollins and you know it. I’m sick of you not listening to the fans. It’s really pissing me off.

        • Vince McMahon


      • allan

        you mean up it to 3-4 moves, all roman does is a running punch and a spear

  • Joey

    Cena shouldn’t jump when he takes spears. He’s done it before with Big Show and Batista and it doesn’t make the move look more devastating, it looks more animated and cartoony if anything.

  • packerpf

    I knew instantly upon seeing it he had injured himself; but it was his own fault he jumped and stuck his knee up weird.