John Cena Beats Bray Wyatt At Wrestlemania 30

John Cena beat Bray Wyatt in their singles match at Wrestlemania 30 after hitting the Attitude Adjustment

The match told the story that Wyatt was out to destroy the legacy of Cena by defeating him. The point was, Wyatt didn't care because it was about ending Cena. He taunted Cena throughout, "sacrificing himself." One of the attributes of the Wyatt character is he has "subhuman tolerance" for pain. In the end, Cena overcame the odds by "staying true" to the Cenation.

The Wyatt Family received a live entrance as Mark Crozer and his band performed "Live in Fear" as the faction came out.

The bout had plenty of tough bumps with Cena taking a DDT on the ring apron but also jumping off the top rope and onto Luke Harper and Erick Rowan on the outside. There was also a spot involving the infamous Spanish announce table.

Bray countered the 5 Knuckle Shuffle at one point with the Wyatt Walk, which was the perfect time to do it. Cena kicked out of Wyatt's Sister Abigail and his family was at ringside.

  • Alexi

    Wow so Cena buried yet another guy, no surprise there. I don’t care if he’s a “nice guy” he’s getting to Hogan level proportion burial here , I mean who has he put over? He has to have some influence in who he faces/beats. Another dumb move

    • Gary Robert

      I feel Wyatt should have gone over, but its not Cena’s call who wins so can’t blame him.

      • Mysterion

        You, sir, are delusional if you don’t think Cena has creative input.

        • Gary Robert

          and you’re delusional if you think he makes the last call, regardless of who he is. No one trumps Vince.

  • Cubed56

    At first I thought this was a burial, however it wasn’t a full blown burial. The real disappointment was the fact that it was typical SuperCena ending. Also the fact we didn’t see any real character progression from Bray or Cena was disappointing. People will argue Cena was struggling to fight his dark side, but give me a break we’ve seen him flirt with that line a million times before.

    • David F.

      It was basically repeat of Kane and Cena storyline and crowd could not care less about Cena. Wyatt could have really benefited from the Win and set up title feud with Bryan again. Enough is Enough and its time for Cena to change his character.Or we will basically see the Wrestlemania crowds not caring for any future Cena matches and using it as bathroom break

      • Cubed56


        • David F.

          Hey Cubed I actually enjoyed the ppv overall thought it was better than 27-29 although Brock v Taker match was not very good. I have no problem with Taker deciding to retire but the build up to Taker Lesnar match was weak and the crowd did not buy Lesnar having chance to win

          • Cubed56

            I agree, i enjoyed it very much. Imo brock is believable to beat the streak. It was gonna be a shock no matter who ended it, but the match and build certainly didnt help Brock out.

          • David F.

            It would be awesome if Wrestlemania ever came to Soldier Field but I do not see that happening anytime soon. and Brock should have been undefeated as well going into match. Terrible decision by WWE having him lose to Cena and Triple H. Going to be weird not seeing anymore build up towards future streak matches for Taker

          • Cubed56

            I agree, Lesnar shouldve been booked stronger since his return. I agree its gonna be weird, but that void is now open for the up and comers to fill.

  • John

    They told a great story, and the match itself was good but Cena going over is really terrible! I can only assume they changed the finish because Undertaker was losing to Brock because there was never any way that the 3 babyface were all going over.

  • Patrick

    Bray was not burried… the Cena Haters go over board. all the time.

    • David F

      not if it was basically repeat of Kane v Cena. This feud did not help Bray at all

  • GOR

    There goes another Damien Sandow.