John Cena Car Crash Legitimate; Scheduled To See WWE Physician

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John Cena's car accident today in Philadelphia was legitimate… TMZ has the pictures to prove it.

According to the celebrity-gossip publication, Cena was leaving a media appearance when his SUV was rear-ended by a Honda Civic which was also hit by a "massive big rig."

Cena did not appear to be injured but was scheduled to see the WWE physician when he arrived at the Wells Fargo Center for tonight's Raw Supershow.

Update: CBS 3 reports Cena was on his way to be a guest on CBS' noon program "Talk Philly." You can read their coverage at this link.

  • Tomas

    For future reference, if you are going to claim that there is proof, you need to have actual proof. Those pictures do show an accident, but not one of them shows Cena in it.

    That being said, if this isn't a work I hope that Cena is ok because a lot of times back injuries from being rear-ended don't show up until a few days or a couple weeks later.

    • Jaryd

      Alright Detective Tomas!
      Anyway I very much doubt it would have been a work even without this PROOF. WWE is very clear in what they're pushing this angle as. They aren't going to start adding variables like a hit and run mystery at this stage.

      • Tomas

        Did I say anything about a hit and run mystery? Did I say I don't believe he got hit?
        I said that if you are going to claim to have proof then you need to actually have it. These pictures do not constitute proof as none of them actually contain John Cena in them. Furthermore, in addition to being a tabloid, TMZ has a history of running with WWE storylines as the real deal – RE: Trump Buying WWE, Cena's previous injury which he came back 4-6 months early from. Hell, if I remember correctly, they even ran with the Vince Limo explosion briefly before pulling it in the wake of the Benoit murders – thus they have the same credibility as a Matt Hardy update, the Weekly World News or the National Enquirer (Damn! I miss my Bat-boy stories).

        In all likelihood, John Cena probably did get into a car accident, but without hard evidence (such as an actual picture of Cena at the accident scene, a copy of the accident report or even confirmation that one of those guys is his driver) you cannot preclude the possibility this could be a work so that, as I believe another commenter said on the previous report, Cena can "come out swinging saying "blah blah even a car crash won't keep me away." A set up for Super Cena, something which WWE has become notorious for.

        And no, I'm not a detective. I do however have the honor to have the job of Fact Checker on my resume. So there is that.

        Either way, I don't really care if it is a work or not. I was just saying proof requires actual verification, especially in a business based upon faking out your audience. Richard is usually very good about this, that's why I pay money for the actual subscription service. He is good enough, in fact, that occasionally I'll actually manage to have someone else pick up my tab at the bar when watching PPVs because they get so confident that I'm wrong about the outcome that they are willing to bet on it (I then refer them to WNW). However I have noticed that, like everyone who's ever existed, he occasionally jumps the gun or gets sloppy. If he says that his sources have verified the crash as legit, I'll take him at his word. He's earned that trust as a journalist, but claiming verification based on TMZ pictures that don't actually show Cena at the crash seems, to me, to fall into that category.

  • Aldo T

    Keep in mind that Cena takes stronger bumps in the ring.

    Luckily, everyone came out of the accident just fine.. Except for the Civic.

    But, from the angle I saw.. It looks like his SUV is just fine.

  • Maz

    He needs to see David Otunga if he wants to claim

  • Van

    Where was Rikishi today?