John Cena & CM Punk Banged Up In Leeds On Thursday?

Wrestling News World reader Asim attended Thursday's WWE live event in Leeds, England and noted that World Heavyweight Champion John Cena might have legitimately tweaked his ankle in his match against Alberto Del Rio. The reader that sent the live report posted here didn't mention it.

The same reader, Asim, reported that CM Punk might have been knocked loopy in his match with Daniel Bryan against Luke Harper & Erick Rowan. However, according to the report, Punk walked to the back on his own after being checked out by the referee at ringside.  He finished the match with his GTS finisher to get the win.

I am unable to confirm the severity of either injury as of press time as the time difference makes communication difficult. We'll see whether or not either are held on Friday as both are scheduled to work in London.

  • For a split second when I read the title I thought they’d been arrested

  • SamG

    I sent the live report in so here is what I seen of the Cena/Punk situations.

    John Cena was fine, He was just selling as ADR worked over Cena’s leg for majority of the match. He was fine after the match celebrating with fans.

    As for CM Punk he took a while to get up after the match with the Ref and Bryan around him and only partly celebrated after the match before quickly heading to the back, so keep an eye out with that one.

  • dekt82

    Richard a report has been making its rounds originally from dave meltzers newsletter reporting that cena has been working in tremendous pain for a while now…not sure if its true…do you know any further info on this?

    • Nostaljack

      No snark intended but isn’t Meltzer a source we should largely ignore?