John Cena Comments On His Time Away From The Ring - "This Shouldn't Affect WrestleMania"

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The official WWE website posted an article today with quotes from John Cena, who recently underwent surgery.

“I plan on using the next couple months to rehab and get healthy as I can, as quickly as I can,” said Cena. “My goal is to return to WWE healthy and strong, and since my expected time away is only six months, this shouldn’t affect WrestleMania.”

Cena's time out is still estimated between 4-6 months. Click here to view the full article.

  • Matt

    Because God forbid someone else close Mania.

  • steve2

    He’ll come back as a surprise entrant and win the Rumble

    • John

      Maybe, just maybe we can hope that when he comes back he can become a little less cheesey and a little more edgy 🙂

      • Snap

        We can only hope. Not everybody expects a heel turn from Cena as the only possible way to change up his character, rather he update his character so it doesn’t insult our intelligence. Perhaps even taking a page from CM Punk, get new music and change his look a bit, he can keep his “core character” but portray the PG which isn’t like he’s talking to everyone like they’re pre-schoolers.

    • Rus

      Umm haven’t they already don’t that

  • Rus

    I know we have hoped it for ever but seeing the crowd at summerslam it looked like Cena was trying to pass the torch onto Daniel Bryan and maybe just maybe it might turn into a rematch between Cena and Bryan with Cena as the heel, even for the very 1st time in wrestling history my son wanted Cena to lose and thatrs telling me something right there