John Cena Confirms Entering To Machine Gun Kelly Song At Wrestlemania; CM Punk Comments On DVD Filming

- John Cena confirmed after Raw Supershow went off the air last night that Machine Gun Kelly will perform him theme song at Wrestlemania XXVIII. We first reported Cena would enter to "Invincible" by Machine Gun Kelly on February 3, 2012 here on

- The Chicago Tribune has a new quote from WWE Champion CM Punk about the filming of WWE's new DVD on him. Below is the blurb in its entirety:

No place like home: WWE Champion and Lockport native CM Punk has begun filming for his upcoming WWE DVD and expects the cameras to continue rolling through the Extreme Rules pay per view at the Allstate Arena April 29. “I think (WWE) wanted to do a ‘Road to Wrestlemania’ DVD,” Punk told me Thursday. “I was like ‘Who gives a s*** (about the road to Wrestlemania)?’ The pay per view after Wrestlemania is in Chicago. That was a no brainer to me – coming home. The last day of filming will probably be the pay per view. I’ll get my sisters in there and (Colt) Cabana.”

  • Frenchfry

    eh i dont like that, rather just be more old school

  • Jamie

    So whats happened to CM Punk? He had one great out burst and thats it? Now he's doing movies etc? Thought he dispised that?

    • Vince

      No hes doing a doc about his life

  • Maz

    Does this mean he will drop the title at mania so he cud spend more time making this DVD

  • aGirl

    I don't get it, everyone loves him but no one is excited about his DVD? It's not like it's gonna be some crappy movie WWE makes. It's gonna be about his life and his life is wrestling. Personally I'm looking forward to it much more than another Cena or Rock DVD.