John Cena Confronts Another Top WWE Star Backstage At Raw Supershow For Failing To Protect Their Opponent - Details On Who It Was & Why Cena Not Only Took Issue With Their Work But Response To His Vocal Criticism

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I'm told there was heat on Alberto Del Rio after his "number one contender's match" against Dolph Ziggler on Raw Supershow. According to a source with knowledge of the situation, John Cena approached Del Rio backstage about not protecting Dolph towards the end of the match where Dolph landed on the back of his neck and shoulder on the apron. His beef was that Del Rio didn't protect the move or the fall that Dolph took.

Accompanying Cena was a producer who sternly reminded Del Rio to protect guys on a roll to the outside. Apparently Del Rio brushed off the criticism and upset John even more for not giving him the respect he felt he deserved. I'm told Cena has already been vocal with how guys are acting like they are "too good" and being tough to deal with. My source added the ongoing problems in John's personal life are most-certainly keeping him a little more uptight as well.

Another reason for Cena's vocal displeasure with Del Rio could also have something to do with the fiasco that went down last week with Del Rio threatening to walk. However, it's believed Cena will be having a conversation with the other producers and it's likely this will "go right to Vince McMahon."

As for Ziggler, he was just sore afterwards and wasn't seriously injured but was examined by medical staff backstage.

  • rgb5284

    How long as Cena been a producer backstage.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    if Alberto is looking to get fired…then he is well on his way.

  • J-Dub

    Super Cena to the Rescue!

  • havoc525

    Maybe Ziggler is important to Punk and Cena’s “get rid of Randy” initiative.

    • Michael

      He has the tools (ZIGGLER).

  • Moose666

    I watched that spot several times last night, including frame by frame. You can clearly see where ADR saw what was happening and caught him as they were spilling outside. Had he not have put his arm under DZ's midsection, the bump could have been very bad. I'm usually not a ADR fan, but I was impressed with his situational awareness concerning the spot. Granted, I'm not in the business, nor do I know how it was supposed to have gone down.

    • Guy Landau

      As someone who is in the business I can tell you Del Rio didn't protect ZIggler. His arm didn't protect Dolph but got in his way from bumping correctly. Granted, he should have protected Ziggler but the way he did it was not right. The mat outside isn't the dangerous part, people bump on it all the time. Del Rio caused Ziggler to hit the side of the ring, which is a very hard surface to fall on, especially unprotected. Looking at the spot again, Del Rio more or less pushed Dolph into the apron while falling safely himself. He absolutely was in the wrong there.

  • snuggle

    I completely agree with Cena, you should know better. Rio has been wrestling for a very long time it’s in his blood, so it should’ve never happened. If I were Vince I would fire Rio, the guy is only about himself. I still can’t believe the threats that he told Vince the guy is lucky that Cena is a class act and didn’t hit him.

  • amaanakter786

    Why does Cena act as a ‘team player and saviour’ backstage for it is the producers job to critic Del Rio if needs be, if Ziggler was hurt or upset then it’s his and the producers resp not bloody ‘super cena!’

    • Sythian

      Its about respect, regardless of this business being about moving to number 1, every wrestler has a duty of care to their opponent. Cena taking issue with the bump and bringing it up with del Rio personally is at least more respectful than going straight to Vincent behind his back

      • amaanakter786

        I understand that but I think it’s more for cena’s ego than anything and to gain more backstage and locker room leverage

        • Kingcarlo2002

          Triple h had his hands involved in everything like that too and now look where he is. Vena has to step up be a role model and a leader so he can pursue a wee career past the mat.

        • Jaycee

          How is it about ego when calling someone on their sloppy ring work? Especially when said sloppy ring work could have hurt someone? Better Cena said something to him than have it turn into another Trips/Miz incident

      • snap

        Here’s the thing, whether you like Cena or not, it really ISN’T his place to get involved. Think of it this way, if Cena botched the AA and could have seriously injured someone, how do you think HE would react if someone not involved in the perceived incident like Damien Sandow were to call him out on it?

        If Cena wasn’t WWE’s “Golden Boy,” tattling the Vince about any wrestler on the roster wouldn’t be seen as a positive. The simple fact is Cena ISN’T an authority figure and has no business trying to act like one.

    • Guy Landau

      If it wasn't for locker room leaders like Cena WWE would be in a very dark place right now.

  • skeeber04

    It’s what Del Rio wants,to quit.He’s trying to get him self fired.

  • [email protected]

    I love the irony here. Cena is one of the worst main event workers in the business and still hasn’t learnt how to sell or protect others, so what gives him the right to pass comment?

    • Andre

      Another dumb Cena-Hater on these boards I see. When has Cena ever failed too protect someone?

    • Guy Landau

      You don't know what you're talking about.

      • Andre

        Actually I do know what I'm talking about.

  • Evon Reese

    There seems to be a lot of wrestlers getting hurt lately. Maybe Cena is fed up with it. Good for him. Somebody needs to call attention to the sloppiness. WWE can't afford any more injured wrestlers or Wellness policy violaters

  • Jamie

    Would Vince really fire Del Rio though?

    • Chris


  • Maximv1

    The Undertaker has been known to get upset with workers who don’t act professional, but you never heard people complain about his ego. Maybe Cena is taking on the role of locker room court judge for the new generation.