John Cena Continues To Bury The Rock, Explains Animosity Against Him & Calling Him Out On Live TV

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CBS DC has a new article online today featuring quotes from John Cena to promote Sunday's Wrestlemania XXVIII match against The Rock. In it, Cena discusses his problems with The Rock:

“The problem I have with Dwayne is the problem I’ve always had — you say you dig the gig, then f’n show up,” Cena told Dukes. “That’s the animosity I think a lot of our guys have.”

“Showing up for the important (dates) is fine, but when you show up for the important ones don’t act like you were never gone,” he said.

“Here’s a guy who’s been gone for seven years, comes back and the first thing he says a year ago is, ‘I’m never leaving again and I love this place.’ Dude, you just got back off a seven-year hiatus.”

“In the whole process of reinventing himself, when The Rock became Dwayne Johnson, he was the first dude to say The Rock was dead, ‘I’m done with wrestling,’” Cena pointed out. “And he’ll give you some story about his psychological profile and why he wanted to do that… I guess I’m just a guy who would never say that.”

“That was something I saw right there. I wouldn’t have even said anything if I didn’t see it,” Cena recalled. “When I watch TV and I’m in the ‘Gorilla Position,’ which is right before you go through the curtain, and they have a TV there… I couldn’t believe it. Once I saw it the words became bigger and larger and his body was covered in words. It was like, I couldn’t ignore it. It became like the giant mole on the face. I had to.”

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

  • Matt

    I think The Rock is doing the right thing. Him being the big movie star he is only brings more positive media attention to WWE then they have him do events like 3 'Manias in a row. The Rock equals money. Bringing him in full time would only dull down the draw he has and he'd end up where he was before, complacent.

  • Jg

    Cena is 100 percent rite!! Yes rock is money.. But don’t say u love the business n never left?? Really?? I can’t wait for Sunday nite!!

    • Adam

      You actually thought the Rock was back for good?

  • Jg

    Cena is 100 percent rite!! Yes rock is money.. But don’t say u love the business n never left?? Really?? I can not wait for Sunday nite

  • A.J.

    I agree with matt.The rock coming back only means good things.I think it may be bitterness or jealousy on Cena’s part.I mean the rock has a busy schedule and if he didn’t love the biz,he would not have come back let alone headline wrestlemania with a could tell that the rock cares about the wwe but still John is still bashing him.I respect cena but he has to respect the rock and give credit where it’s due.The rock is drawing outside media and only helping wwe get bigger.Hey it’s not his fault that Cena isn’t a big enough attraction as The Rock.Once again I respect cena and what he has done for this buisness so don’t bash me for being pro rock.

  • H.M.

    He's just building the angle.

  • J.m

    the only reason why cena doesn’t become a movie star is because he can’t cut it as a movie star he is awful plain and simple but if he could if he had the talent that the rock has he'd be stupid not to and he would anyone would. i still think that rock is going to win this year and then it will set up the match for part 2 next year and be inducted into the hall of fame but have him lose to cena that way it’s one and one and say they are equal. cena expects the rock to leave and not do anything with his life so what if he left and became a movie star, hbk left and got a show, stone cold left and been in some movies cena is just a hater plain and simple

    • Don

      I don't care for cena much, but are you implying that the rock is a good movie star? The guy cannot make an angry face without looking like he needs to crap! He stinks as an actor. Steve austin, and the Undertaker was better as actors in their roles in certain shows.

      • Razmos01

        Yea erm The Rock wont care to much about what you think of his acting, hes one of the biggest grossing stars in hollywood at the moment, the guy is making doller, when you earn as much come back and post a comment that makes sence sally!

  • tone

    I hope this whole thing with Cena is apart of the angle but if it’s not this has to be te dumbest thing I have ever heard. The Rock is smart look at all the washed up, BROKE, can’t walk wrestlers there are… oh thats if they aren’t dead. Oh didn’t Cena TRY to make movies but he sucked? not saying Rock is Deniro but still… he sounds jealous and bitter…. Rock put in his time don’t hate because he left on top

    • mathew30

      incorrect cena hasn't made a single film himself, all he has done is read a script and act how he is directed to. not his fault the movie s hes appeared in don't do well. Christ we have had other blockbuster movies with major stars not doing well either and it wasn't because the actors stunk.

  • Noel

    I agree with Matt too. Why else would WWE start making their own movies and promoting those movies? Vince wants is wrestlers to someday become movie stars so they can someday come back for the occasional appearance and as a result WWE gets mainstream press. Its a no-brainer.

  • John

    The Rock was “here” from 1996-2002 full time! Wrestling all year round, changing the business elevating other talent, making the wwe famous. It just so happened that The Rock tried his hands at acting in Hollywood and it worked! Just like Cena tried his hands in acting in Hollywood and IT DIDN’T WORK! Imagine if it had worked? I bet he would have made more movies and more…Cena is a hypocrite! He was bitching about the guy not coming back and when he came he continued to bitch because he’s more popular! Go cry to your daddy Cena!

  • JeonjuMike

    We all know Cena will wind to end WM, but the shock will be when Stone Cold or Lesnar come out and say – he hasn't beaten the best – there is an icon – I'm guessing SCSA ends WM with the challenge looming, confirmed on next night's Raw

  • Brandon

    Actually I'm pretty sick with Cena's antique of "not being here" in every interview he had. Rock goes Hollywood because he's trying for another option in life and trying to stay healthy when he past his primes. When Cena talks about Rock and Hollywood, only one thing on my mind; jealousy.

    On a side note, Cena only got an edge on Rock because of Rock put him over in the "wrist-gate" incident because before that, Rock is always on top and way beyond Cena to handle. Rock is an actor and mesmerizing scripts is his job. He don't need to wrote his line on his own wrist to remind about something.

  • Jamie

    I'm glad the Rock isn't full time, I still LOVE his work. The excitment I get when they announce him to come on, I love it, people are calling out the Rock, what about The Undertaker? He only works wrestlemania now.. I'm huge fans of them both

  • david_c

    Some of you peeps need to chill out.

    Every single interview that is shot with either John Cena or The Rock about the angle and the match are all spoken about from their character’s perspective. The truth is that the creative team have done a good job in grounding the story, not going for their usual over the top, and as a result it’s believable. I’m fairly sure that they both have huge respect for one another otherwise there’s no way that this would be going down quite so clean.

    It’s exciting, in my opinion, but it’s a shame that the wrestling is going to leave a little to be desired (even with the crowd egging on Cena with their you can’t wrestle chants)

  • Clint

    So let me get this straight, how did this animosity start oh yeah rock left and because he didnt come back, cena started bad mouthing him because he left, the rock comes back and cena wants a match and the reason the rock is there is because of cena and cena is now complaining that he is there, is that the jist of the whole argument, I like many aware fans knew the rock wasnt back like he was, we are educated fans, but since most of cenas fans are children and teenage girls, they were fooled and he is mad because they feel lied to, i dont know all i know is ill be glad when cena rock is over, im hopign that it ends in a draw because I dont want cena talkign about it for years and I find it hard to believe that they would let rock beat there number 1 guy