John Cena Corrects WWE's Report - Expected To Recover From Injury In Six Weeks

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John Cena took to Twitter today to refute an earlier report on the official WWE website that claimed he would recover within 2-3 weeks. He claims that the original report was correct, and that he expects to recover in 6 weeks. His tweets are below:

  • Monkey frankin…..

  • Joey

    Like I said yesterday, the guy deserves a break. He's been going at it non-stop since November 2008. Ironic about what was posted yesterday and that he actually cancelled his requested time off. Anyways, this gives him a chance to take an earned rest, and let the haters (not me) shut up for awhile. Get well soon John, and come back and kick some ass.

  • ryan

    jackwagon? monkey frankin? ugh!

  • amaanakter786

    I think its a work he’ll be back on tv in 2-3 weeks super cena strikes again!!

  • Spike westphal

    A change in the main event seene

  • AntGilroy

    I actually popped at jack wagon….. It’s gonna be part of my everyday life

  • JasonGaza

    who will punk fight? im guessing orton, prob a push for Kofi? or maybe even christian

    • Joey

      Probably feud with the ref from Monday night, and we'll get further explanation on him and Heyman's relationship.

    • SRP


    • kdls1

      Maybe Kofi or Christian but not Orton, he is going to be off filming homefront 2.

      • XKonn247

        12 Rounds 2.

    • Sam Anderson

      I doubt Kofi and honestly I would f***ing HATE to see Christian get murdered by Punk. Just a personal view.

    • Lee

      It will be Cena thats y he won monday remember what aj said,

    • christopher525

      Zack Ryder…………….yeah, even I couldn't possibly pull off THAT lie.

  • Bigdaddychuck

    DZ cashes in on Punk and wins the title

    • eurosario

      He has the whc contract not the wwe contract

  • Joe

    Well they say 6 weeks so I’m pretty sure he be at HIAC and if not just have punk have a story line that hes not gonna wrestle at HIAC but in the last week of raw before HIAC have aj anounce he will be defending the wwe title against some random superstar and once punks in the cell have his mysterio Oppent be ortan be easier ortan can film his movie thru september / october while facing punk at HIAC

  • Synyster

    What about another Punk VS Mysterio feud? It would make sense based off Rey was the reason Punk shaved his head after the straight edge gimmick.

    • Hardy

      That ended too long ago, has no real connection to anything going at the moment. Rey is teaming with cara plus is in the intercontinental title picture at the moment. So I highly doubt a feud with punk/rey, but I guess you never know.

  • snap

    The power of the almighty dollar, hmmm? Cena can “get on his soapbox” and bury and they just shrug it off. AW makes an inappropriate comment and voices his support for Linda McMahon on Twitter and he gets fired.

    Well, that’s not really my problem with Cena’s rant, rather it is inconsistent with how he claims to portray himself, not to mention it was unprofessional. Instead of hurling insults at WWE,com, all he needed to do was correct the mistake.

    I’m not a fan of Cena in the ring but injuries suck, so best wishes in your recovery, John.

  • Austin

    It’s gonna be Richard Gray vs Punk.

  • Mantaur

    His opponent shall be…….THE SHOCKMASTER!!!!

  • Phil

    Heymen will bring Brock in to tear apart punk and this will lead to another partial turn for punk. Super Cena will make his return to come to punks aid to fight off Brock. This will lead to a good Brock vs Rock match and. We’ll see maybe a punk/cena tag team for a bit and possibly becoming tag champs. The Rock will be beat lesnar for the belt and this will set up the cena/punk tag team splitting up and a triple threat title match for the belt at mania (rock/punk/cena). This of course, is just my own theory.

  • Chris Corkhill

    What about a title vs title match shamus and punk at HITC that could work as they have already started building it up accidentally

  • Kleck

    Monkey Frankin…uh oh, sh*t just got real