John Cena Divorce Starting To Get Ugly

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The John Cena divorce is starting to get ugly as his soon to be ex-wife Liz Cena and her attorney Raymond Rafool are telling media outlets they know John cheated and are now out to prove it.

"We're definitely following up on every lead relative to his being unfaithful before AND after the separation," Rafool told TMZ.

Click here for coverage by TMZ.

Thanks to Wrestling News World readers Eloy Tijerina and Logan Walker for sending us the link.

  • Debbi jones

    Sounds like they are desperate, if they had something they would have released it already.

    • Dufus

      I feel for John. Looks like his ex is out for money and with the U.S. courts the way they are, she will be allowed to bleed him dry.

      • BigMike

        they signed a prenup she is trying to say he cheated because if he did then the pre-nup is void THEN it will get really ugly
        she got the same lawyer that screwed Hulk Hogan

  • Debbi jones

    Should have gotten a lawyer before she signed the pre-nup, so just take what he gives you and be gone.

  • PainOfDemise

    Poor John. He is not going to be able to afford to take any time off after this is done.

  • Andy

    AND after? it's none of her business if it was after the seperation, I don't know why they're bringing that up.

  • spikewestphal

    we should lock up men and woman who cheat on there partners and have a viewing glass so that we can laugh at them

    • Dangerous Lee

      They’ll just have a big orgy inside the viewing glass and the people watching them won’t be watching for laughter….

    • Kevin

      If we did that, 90% of the world population would be locked up, including all politicians in every government across the planet.

  • The Breaker

    Maybe they were watching RAW and saw the Eve situation…

    • H.M.

      And forgot that it was kayfabe.

      • Andy

        wait wrestling Fake??????? FAKKIN BULL*******

  • Blaine are you unfaithful AFTER a seperation?

    • Kevin

      Being separated is not being divorced. When you and your spouse are separated, you are still legally married, and therefore guilty of adultery if you have relations with anyone other than your spouse And in most states, you and your spouse must be separated for a given amount of time (usually 6 months) before the divorce can be granted. If you and your spouse have relations with each other during the separation, the separation becomes nullified and must be started over before the divorce will be granted. I speak from experience; I've been divorced 3 times.

  • Jamie

    I feel for Cena, he does alot for the business, hope all goes well for him.

  • Guzzie1984

    Hes a grown man, if they had split then whats the problem, no doubt shes slept wi a couple of guys to get him outta her system since, or women who knows

  • Porkchop

    Maybe he cheated on her with Brutus The Barber Beefcake.

    • Elliott Snyder

      porkchop are you the guy from Ice road truckers ?? LMAO ……….

  • Dave

    if he gets a restraining order against him………….wait for it……….YOU CAN'T SEE ME!

  • Rachell Orton

    Poor Cena he doesnt deserve to go through alk this hell

  • NIKO

    As much as we hate the "super Cena" we all know how hard he works… this guy does not deserve this…

    • kdatt

      he doesn't deserve this, he is an all around great guy, he made an appearance at my daughter's high school, signed autographs, photos with students, he really cares about his fans

  • [email protected]

    Actually, we know absolutely nothing. We don’t know his personal life and we don’t know if e wronged her or not.

    • Nathen

      Why did anybody give this comment a thumb down? It is the most truthful of all the comments here. We don't know John Cena. Like him in the ring or hate him, respect his work ethic or not, we don't know him or the details of his personal life. Making a thousand wishes doesn't mean he is perfect. He could be a dick to his soon to be ex-wife for all we know.

      • BigMike

        you have a point all we know is what has been alleged like him and Mickie were FWB for awhile before he got married and he broke it off and a year later married his soon to be ex whether he was cheating or not THEN does not matter it is just from the time the marraige started until the time the separation papers to start the divorce were filed if she can prove he was unfaithful during that time then the pre-nup is void

      • Stan smith

        If your on the road 300 days a year you really dont have the time to be a dick to any1 in your personal life

  • kevin

    You know cena doesn’t care about your life why do you care about him. After he’s divorce he will still have more money then you will ever see.

  • Steve l

    In some states you have to disclose anyone you had relations with evem during the separation particularly if there are kids involved which Idont think there were here. Its not that you cant do it just that it mudt be documented if you do it and deny them you have trouble.

  • aGirl

    I can bet she's no angel either considering how much time John spends on the road

  • Jaryd

    Whether or not he cheated and whether or not this stunt gets her more money is irrelevant. What is relevant is how desperate this makes her look. Yes cheating isn't cool, but what's even more uncool is how pathetic it is to deliberately air your laundry in public.

    • Kevin

      To be fair, John filed for divorce. With a prenup in the mix, if it specifically lists adultery as a term of nullification, then she has the right to try to prove he cheated. However, adultery works both ways; if he can prove she cheated on him, then his cheating (if it exists) will be nullified, and the whole thing gets all kinds of messy.

  • _JIM_

    Why is this still going on? Didn’t this chick sign a pre-nup? If she did then find a judge with the balls to actually enforce it. I’m totally confused and actually kind of scared by how a lot of these pre-nups aren’t being honored in recent divorces. What’s the point in even having one if it doesn’t protect the person’s finances and a judge can basically do whatever they feel like in a divorce settlement?

    • BigMike

      if infidelity is found to be true then the pre-nup is invalidated

    • Kevin

      Prenups are not as airtight as they're made out to be. They're just like other contracts, with built in loopholes to allow one or the other party a way out. For instance, most prenups specifically list adultery as a term of nullification. If the man cheats, the prenup is null and void, and the woman gets half. If the woman cheats, then she gets practically nothing. Both parties must be properly represented by legal counsel at the signing of the prenup, or sign a waiver of legal counsel. If either party can show they were not properly represented, or were in some way coerced into signing without representation, the prenup becomes null and void. I'm sure that's why she's trying to prove he cheated; it will cause the prenup to be nullified, and she can go for half.

  • Bernard

    John is brave no matter circumstances might sorround him!

  • BigMike

    They are saying him and Mickie were an item BEFORE he got married like a FWB type of thing but he broke it off and a year later married Liz. If that is all they have then WTF? they may have been "together" but they were not married when this happened……also if they had a filed separation then whatever he did then has no bearing as well because once a separation is filed then thats the start of divorce proceedings and infidelity once that happens does not count if it comes out IF she can prove that from the time she said "I do" to the time she filed papers he did something THEN she has something otherwise she has NOTHING but greed in her eyes

    • Kevin

      Actually that's not true. In most states, a separation must last for a given period (usually 6 months) before a divorce is granted During that time, the parties are still legally married, and adultery would become an issue if either party had relations with someone other than each other. If they had relations with each other during that time period, the separation is nullified and must be started over to get the divorce finalized.

  • Bryan

    Divorce laws/processes vary by state and their is no ‘normal’ process. And definitely no normal separation period, in fact many states have no separation period. Unless you have been divorced or are familiar with the laws in the state it was filed, then it really doesnt matter if you have been divorced 3 times or a 1000