John Cena Discusses His Favorite Wrestler, WrestleMania, More; Eve Posts In-Character Video On Twitter

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-WNW reader Aimee M sent in the following:

John Cena was on the Preston & Steve Show in Philadelphia this morning promoting RAW and Wrestlemania. They talk about cars, performing for the armed forces, Make a Wish, when he'll stop wrestling & more.

Cena also named Hulk Hogan as his favorite wrestler of all time. Cena comes on around the 1:20:00 mark. Click here to listen.

-Eve posted an in-character video to her Twitter account and discusses Zack Ryder, why she is no longer friends with Kelly Kelly, and more. Click here to watch the video.

  • Amsterdam

    That makes so…much…sense

    • Jeff Ono

      Yeah … because none of us were Hulk Hogan fans growing up. You guys should want the WWE to superhero superstars, just as much as the 'rasslers. Whatever makes money for WWE ensures that we have a weekly program to watch anywhere in the world. That's pretty cool. So, if Cena is part of that magic, whether I agree or disagree with the character, I support it.


    Right now I just thought to myself if eve was an attitude diva she could play such a hot whore

  • ceedot

    Oh he likes Hulk Hogan. I didn’t see that one coming.