John Cena Feels Great, Working With No Tape

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John Cena hasn't taken any time away from the ring since suffering a right Achilles injury on WWE's post-Wrestlemania European tour. The WWE Champion has worked live events this weekend in Youngstown, Ohio and Wheeling, West Virginia and says he feels great.

In fact, he's worked both of them without his injured ankle tapped. The following is from Cena's verified Twitter account:

Cena will test things again on Sunday evening at a Raw live event in Charleston, West Virginia before heading south for this week's Monday Night Raw in Roanoke, Virginia. Join us Monday night at 7:30 PM EDT for our "Open Thread" Watch Party for streaming discussion and results here at

  • Xavier

    That dude could lose his right arm and he’d still show up. Dude is a freak of nature.

  • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

    So, basically, he twisted his ankle and played it to seem like he was really hurt?

    • Carlos is a dumbass

      So basically you come on here and post stupid ass comments?

      • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

        It wasnt a stupid ass question, moron.
        They said he was hurt, but yet he worked on it just fine, now a couple days later no tape no nothing. And hes working like normal.
        Sounds a lot like he twisted his ankle and they played it as some legitimate issue to add drama.
        So, how bout you quit being a dumbass, troll, and go screw yourself.

        • Lance Uppercutt

          he said comment not question, gets facts correct before calling someone a moron…..

          • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

            But, it WAS a question, not a comment. So, yea, my facts are correct.
            Furthermore, why the F is this even an issue?

    • Samuel Miguel Jr

      Stupid question by a stupid person. Cena was legit hurt. It just wasn’t as serious as 1st thought which Richard has already went on record as saying 1000x by now. Keep trolling though we all find it amusing

      • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

        1. You dont know me, Im willing to bet my IQ is much higher than yours.

        2. Im not trolling, I asked a simple question. All Ive seen Richard say is, “oh hes still gonna work” or “oh hes working on it anyway”, never “oh its not hurt.”

        You people are the trolls. Youre starting trouble with me over a simple damn question. WTF is wrong with you people? This is a wrestling website, I asked a wrestling question. You fanboys jump on me for NO REASON.
        Suddenly, though, Im the troll?

        Jesus, you people need to find a new hobby. Stop starting arguments over BS because youre bored.

        • Samuel Miguel Jr

          1.) You working at the dollar general does that make your IQ higher then mine.

          2.) You are a troll, your always implying that Cena fakes injuries, or that everything his fault just for the sake of getting a reaction

          3.) You asked a stupid question that Richard has already addressed a bunch of times, so why you would act surprised when your question is met with criticism is beyond me and lastly…

          4.) Jesus isn’t my name

          • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

            1. Who works at dollar general? ‘Cause, I sure as hell dont.
            Your grammar, that makes my IQ higher.

            2. I do not, thats just plain inaccurate. If I state my opinion, its because its my opinion. I dont care about reactions. If I ask a question, its because I want an answer. You are a troll for this whole damn conversation. If youre gonna post a comment on someones question, try answering the question and stfu. Because attacking someone for no reason is bitch shit.

            3. It wasnt a stupid question. And I still havent heard a diagnosis. Everyone has acted like its a legit issue and like he might miss shows or whatever, then he walks on it and works on it just fine. Seems like a work. So, I asked a simple friggin question. I get this feeling that a lot of things are beyond you vastly.

            4. Nobody gives a rat’s ass what your name is, so, Jesus will suffice.

          • Samuel Miguel Jr

            So in other words you had no response clever enough to comeback with. So much for that high IQ crap you were spewing earlier. Can’t wait too see what dumb question you come up with next. Don’t be late for the short bus tomorrow troll tard.

          • Carlos is a dumbass

            LMFAO! Owned that dude

          • Tha0ne

            His jimmies have been rustled greatly.

  • It does seem like WWE hit the panic button with Cena’s ankle a little too soon. It really seems like they severely over-estimated just how bad it was since he didn’t need time off and is now working pretty much fine. Makes me wonder what they’re going to do on Raw after playing up the injury on TV so much since it’s now almost non-existent.

    • Hardy

      They’re going to be cautious though, I mean he is the face of the company and also the champion. You don’t always know the level of an injury, so sometimes you have to have plans set up in case it’s the worst case scenario I guess. But anyone who doesn’t put their health in danger and carries on for the business/fans is a good employee.

      • Yeah I agree with you there, the biggest concern I have out of this is storyline continuity (WWE’s weak point in recent years) and the fact that Cena couldn’t stand properly to deliver the AA last week, and then for the most part is feeling fine this week. They’re going to have to either have him play up that he’s more injured than he is on TV to sell the injury (which as we know, Cena’s injury selling especially during matches is poor) or just “forget” and assume he’s miraculously feeling a lot better now.

        In another note though, Last Man Standing for ER, gotta love WWE’s sense of irony here.

  • AK-1138

    Well, I just hope he isn’t just toughing it out and working injured… it might get cause a bigger injury down the line. Thinking in the long-term is a bit more important than… well, pretty much anything. 20 years from now he might regret it for sure.

  • Vance

    Cena’s LMS matches usually have a lame finish, like duct taping someone to the post or tying them up so they can’t stand. I remember when LMS used to be called a “death match,” or a “lights out” match, and they were a lot more violent than what they allow now.