John Cena Files For Divorce

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TMZ is reporting that John Cena filed for divorce from his wife Liz Huberdeau. According to their report, Liz has hired the same lawyer that represented Linda Hogan in her divorce, Miami-based Raymond Rafool. Rafool told TMZ that John "blindsided" Liz with the divorce.

The couple had a prenuptial agreement that was signed in 2009. You can read coverage by TMZ at this link.

Thanks to Wrestling News World readers Mathew Lisett, Fernando, Rich, Hitman310, GW, Steve Miner and Logan Walker for sending the TMZ link.

  • JakShowtime

    Maybe Cena's been kissing Divas more than just on-screen…

  • stevie

    WWhos been kissing who cena kissing divas or his wife kissing wrestlers

  • James

    He was married?

  • The Booya

    cuz he can't match up with The Rock lol jk

  • matt

    I wonder if she will take all of Cena's money just like Linda took Hulk's

    • Anand

      It sure looks that way. She has even hired the attorney who got 70% of hogans assets to his wife… Amazing.

    • bruno

      cena has a pre-nup signed

  • Kenneth

    Okay, this may be reading to much into it, bur remember when John Cena said that The Rock went too personal during his in-ring promos during their build up to Wrestlemania? I do recall the Rock calling out Cena saying he was hanging around and kissing on Eve when was supposedly married. Not sure how much merrit that holds in this case. If it was adultry and it can be proven, the prenup is null and void.

    Just a thought

    • izblack

      If that’s the case then The Rock is a damn snitch

    • Alex P

      Yeah, I think you're reading too much into it. Rock was just talking about the on-screen kiss that Cena had with Eve. I mean unless there was actually something going on…don't think there's much else to look at there.

  • Cena sucks

    Cena is leaving his wife for his true love zack rider woo woo woo you no it

    • stoney

      troll harder son

  • Mike L

    She found the tape with Cena and Vince…

    • Tomas

      This was the best comment here.

  • Kris B

    If you guys would take the time to read the article, Cena filed for divorce because his marriage is irretrievably broken

  • H.M.

    What caused Cena to file for divorce?

    W/e, just another relationship involving at least one celebrity that doesn't last. Sad what marital relationships have been reduced to in the West these days.

  • Monty

    Don’t give her 70% fight cena fight and defend your self and you assets

  • Dizzintut

    And a prenup means she doesn't get his money.

  • jonathon212

    this was bound to happen with cena who is married to his job and never home and never takes any time off

  • The Booya

    Just like The Rock, cuz isn't The Rock divorced too? Damn Cena wants to be The Rock so bad.

  • Thomas

    Considering how long someone is on the road and everything, it actually surprises me superstars have healthy relationships and families for that matter. Seeing Randy Orton's bio and knowing he had a wife/kid really surprised me. But I kinda feel bad for John, I'm sure he had his reasons. Ah well

  • Yanman

    I don't see how most wrestlers can be married anyway unless your wife either travels with you on the road (Orton) or is/was a part of the business (Triple H, 'Taker, Booker). I mean having popularity, a little or a lot, and money not to mention being on the road with all those divas and developmental divas who everyone says they aren't the hardest nuts to crack, man it's tough. I wouldn't do it. Most wrestlers either divorce and end up remarried a bunch of times and broke. Sucks for Cena. I wouldn't do it.

  • Steve Miner

    Little Jimmy told me whats up on this. Truth is that John Cena caught Zack Ryder and his wife getting together. So Cena filed for divorce, you have to wonder why Cena hasn't been on any Zach Ryder videos lately and why Cena stole Eve from Zack Ryder. I think the truth will set you free. woo woo woo you know it

  • @KyleGordon91

    "Rock saw Cena makin' out with Eve, Grabbin' on her thigh, tuggin' on her weave. Cena was havin' the time of his life, I guess he didn't tell her that he's got a wife. Let's rock. Everybody let's rock. Divorce lawyer's right up the block, but we're dancing because Cleveland Rocks."

  • christopher525

    We now know who Hogan's brunette was…

  • bobafettish6602

    i think they're getting divorced cause cena keeps using the same 5 moves 😛

  • Kevin

    Actually, the prenup wouldn't be null and void simply because either party committed adultery. It would depend on how the prenup was drawn up, aka the wording in the document. Also, there was a recent story about a star (my memory fails me as to whom) who had his fiance sign a prenup, but when they divorced, the judge threw the prenup out because she hadn't been represented by legal council during its signing. So a lot can go wrong with a prenup, but if done properly, it can definitely save a person a ton of money. I just hope Cena and his wife can end this amicably.

  • Chris K.

    since he blindsided her with divorce papers seems to me she was the one who was cheating on him/…which is typical and usually the case.and they have a pre nup so she will only get what was agreed upon..which i think is great as well.

  • Jeremy

    another classic example of Hustle, Loyalty and Respect! sorry it made me feel better.