John Cena Gives An Update On His Injury; Steve Austin On Dot Com

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John Cena Upate

John Cena sent out another tweet from his official Twitter page today showing the progress of his injury. The tweet and picture is below:

Steve Austin On Dot Com

WWE interviewed Stone Cold Steve Austin on their official website. Stone Cold talks about Daniel Bryan, Triple H, and Vince McMahon. It goes right along the lines of the current storyline right now. The interview can be seen here.

  • StraightEdgeForLife

    He’s been out 13 days and we’ve got 10 updates. I think it’s a little much.

    • Michael Jordan > LeBron James

      Yeah this is getting pretty out of hand. Richard did the same thing when CM Punk is out nursing his fake injuries as well.

    • Lrgetrout25

      It’s better than 13 questions in 10 Ask WNW’s asking about Cena’s injury.

      • StraightEdgeForLife

        Haha you make a decent point!

  • Snap

    “roster enjoy now, because ill b back” What an ominous threat.

  • Patrick

    Watch Cena return early and do the job the other faces are scared to do. run down and help save Daniel Bryan from another beat down.