John Cena Helps Fan, Curt Hawkins On His WWE Release

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John Cena

Thanks to WNW reader David for sending in the following:

ABC-7 News out of Denver, Colorado is covering the story of John Cena helping Brittany Depew, a 21 year old battling terminal cancer. John Cena, who already sent her a video message of him wishing her a Happy Birthday, stopped by her house on Tuesday in Kentucky to spend time with her. He gave her some merchandise and a hug. She stated, "My leukemia is past the stage of being cured." This emotional story can be found here.

Curt Hawkins

The Shining Wizard interviewed recently released WWE star Curt Hawkins. Hawkins hits on a variety of topics, but he does comment on his release from the company last week. Thanks to WNW reader Eddie for sending this in. Below is an excerpt of the interview:

On his WWE release

On his WWE release: It was expected to an extent. Really I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. They weren’t using me and I was just living this life of sitting and waiting around and not able to commit to things in my real life. Like if I wanted to go a wedding, I never know if they (WWE) are going to come calling. It was kind of annoying, to be honest with you. And anyone that knows me knows that I’m just crazy about wrestling, and I’ve had my pulse on the Indy scene and it’s something I’ve been dying to dive into and now I finally can.

  • BIG M

    I know we like to give ‘Super” Cena a hard time on the comments section but it honestly amazes me how much he’s willing to give to his fans.
    But seriously doesn’t this man ever sleep i mean where the bloody hell does he find the time to do all this stuff.
    He must have a body double or even a clone because honestly I can’t see a human being’s schedule this non-stop hectic yeeeeshhh.

    • J Vomkrieg

      This is why I consider Cena the greatest superstar of all time. Not because of his in ring work, not because of his mic skills, not for holding the belt X number of times.

      But because he is the greatest ambassador WWE has ever had. He’s an amazingly hard working guy who gives a heck of a lot back. I have a lot of admiration for John Cena, and it’s based on what he does outside the ring.

      450+ wishes granted to make a wish. That’s 450+ dying kids he has taken the time to go see and do something special for. I don’t know about you, but I don’t know if i could emotionally do one make a wish, let alone 450.

      • Xavier


    • Xavier

      This is why I’m a fan of the guy. He shows up does his job, shows up to charities, doesn’t take time off, doesn’t whine and complain, a d even when he’s hurt he comes back super early from injury. He even filmed the Marine in between RAWs in Australia. For people who complain about this guy being “the guy” still they need to read into everything he does outside the ring as well.

      • BIG M

        I’m not a fan of the Cena’s work as you know.
        But Ive always hade a huge amount of respect for him as a human being.

        • J Vomkrieg

          Yep, after all what you see in the ring is “the character”. All this outside the ring stuff is “the man”.

          The character may put me to sleep on occasions, but the guy playing him is worthy of much respect.

    • Avalanchian

      To me the reason why they have him as “Super” Cena and overcoming crazy odds is because of these things he does for people. It’s like hope for kids and such that they can overcome their challenges/struggles in life.

      • BIG M

        I know and that’s a good thing.
        But as an adult it feels a liitle hollow because as an adult I know that not everyone overcomes the odds sadly.

        • Avalanchian

          Ya as grownups we tend to know the real odds of things a bit better, but for a kid with a serious problem you want them to believe anything is possible.

          • While you want them to believe that everything is okay, in the hospital, after the lights go out, the kids talk. They know how it really is, what they’re facing, even when they’re very young. If there’s more than one kid in the hospital, the talking gets really deep, and if it’s a terminal/chronic/cancer ward, things get really ugly. Kids know what’s going on, and they talk. Moments of true fun are few are far between, and they give hope, and helps them believe that things will get better. But saying that grownups know the real odds over seriously ill kids is very wrong. I’m talking from experience.

        • Xavier

          Just remember though, it’s not always about us. Keep in mind that we were all kids once who had hero’s of their own that we looked up too. As an adult I’d rather have my kids looking up to a guy like Cena then a guy like Austin everyday of the week.

          • BIG M

            Yeah I know but you don’t want kids to grow up thinking the world is all rainbows and sunshine either.
            Sometimes in life you need to kick a little arse (figuratively)to get ahead in life and Austin was always a great role model in that regard.
            But I’m not a parent (probably never will be either) so what would I know LOL.

          • I want my kids to be well rounded, that means that while I love that Sam adores Cena for all the great things he does, and his kind side, I’m also thrilled that she loves Bryan who is endearing and unassuming, and Bray who questions authority, and stands up for what he believes in. She also loves Big Show because of his humor, and is enthralled with Austin for his beer truck and his zamboni, but also because he flips the bird. Sam was also rushed when Taker’s streak ended, because she knew how big it was and how much it meant to me. And she is still holding a serious grudge against ADR for running down Santa/Foley (her words, from yesterday, not mine).

            Sam is growing up to be a lovely, if a bit morbid, well rounded child.

            Then there’s Ellie who I got when she was a teenager, and we bonded over WMXX. She fell in love with Eddie and Benoit, and completely didn’t understand why the area erupted when that gong hit and Taker returned with Bearer. We continued to bond over wrestling as we got to know each other. She was crushed when Eddie passed. She called me from work in tears when a coworker burst into tears over Benoit passing. I told her it was true. Then everything from that weekend came out, and she’s still coming to terms with it all. After that she drifted away from wrestling. But she came up to watch WM with me this year, and was mortified over Taker’s streak. She said that if it wasn’t Brock, she might be able to handle it.

            Ellie had cancer when she was four, and went to Disney on Make-A-Wish, and while she appreciates the work Cena does, she can’t handle his corniness.

            Again, I’d rather my children like who they like and grow up to be well rounded human beings, and that takes looking up to all kinds.

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    This story of John Cena is pretty much makes John Cena still being top guy self explanatory, the guy is already an inductee to HoF, it’s just a matter of when, what he does for the company and especially for the fans, in his own time?

    Truly amazing.