John Cena - "I'm Not A Bad Guy. I Generate So Much Hatred Because Of The Way I Act."

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"But I'm not a bad guy. I generate so much hatred just because of the way I act. I look at Tim Tebow as a good example. People couldn't stop saying his name. He's such a standup guy. People don't believe it because it's almost too good to be true. And he generates that hatred.

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  • MsMojoRisin

    no cena we hate you because you are annoying your character was so 2004

    • Bella

      Wow you take wwe way too seriously

  • sami

    I have my opinions on John Cena… John Cena to me (PERSONAL OPINION) is a pretty decent guy… He does a lot for the WWE and he deffinetly cares about the WWE universe… HE isnt a BAD guy… like he stated but however I as one of the fans hate this idea that he always has to be the main eventer, the man who gets title shot after title shot… when he wrestles it has gotten to a stage where you can predict the outcome… and to me thats boring and thats the reason why in my opinion I dislike his wrestling…

    Loved him through the gimmick of thuganomics! and even when he first started to be the super hero type guy and saluting the US miltary! I respect him for all that… but it just bores me! I like the guy but I just feel with everyone else that his "character" has over stepped its time…

    Saying that though! WRESTLEMANIA! ROCK VS CENA! is going to be one hell of a main event… I just hope the miz doesnt get involved like what is predicted and ruin the awesome match!

  • True true

  • Jg

    Keep doing u cena!!!!

  • Aldo T

    I still don't know who Tim Tebow is, nor do I care to look him up.

    I don't see why Cena couldn't use a better example, such as someone from the music industry.

    • Henry

      Are you serious?? Tim Tebow is like the most popular and talked about QB in NFL history!!

      • British bulldog forever

        I think NFL is American rules football but QB???? What’s that???

        Totally agree with Aldo T on this one!!

        • JackBo


        • JamieSNZ

          As a New Zealander who has no idea about the National Football League, Im going to assume that QB is Quaterback?
          Hats off to american movies on this one, although i didnt know who Tim Tebow was either. Now I do!

  • Dave Barton

    I hate the Cena character because he’s a superman cast from the Hulk Hogan mold. He doesn’t outwrestle or outpsych his foes, he just makes a ridiculous comeback & wins unconvincingly. Same as Hogan before him.

    Cena the man, I have respect for. He does so much charity work, I’d be a fool not to appreciate him. But Cena the wrestler, I’m just sick of him.

  • JP_Killings

    so true and now you realized this please turn heel


    John Cena plain and simple you have been shoved down our throats for far too long that we have all gotten sick of it ur a no talent steroid freak with no wrestling ability ur the hulk hogan of this generation but that’s not a complaint cause he couldnt wrestle either bit yeah back to why fans hate you cause you Suck at what you do iam sorry to say this but you should have never been pushed to where you are today you should have been mid-card for life

    • British bulldog forever

      Someone takes things a bit too seriously lol

    • Tomas

      Some dots and comma's in your sentences won't kill you either. But i agree with you.


    Plus I have too add championships don’t mean shit not since the attitude area after Shawn micheals lost to stone cold at wrestlemania where Tyson was there the title got tossed around like candy so cena by the end of you career if you do surpass Rick flairs record then I will burn my wrestling librarie nd ban my kids from watching this shit

  • PFElton

    No, we passionately hate you because your Hulk Hogan-The Rock hybrid Superman gimmick is 8 years stale and 20 years past its time. Oh, and the fact you have absolutely no actual professional-wrestling skill or ring psychology.

  • gpturbo81

    ya, thats why they dont like you…

  • Stoney

    Even if Cena turns heel the Internet fans will still whine and complain about him. Cena doesn't deserve the amount of hate that he gets

    • GODSENT83

      Yes he does

  • Joe

    Hogan was ridiculous! He refused to put anyone over. He needed a fake ref and fast count to “drop” the belt. Then when Macho Man held the title the major plot of his year long reign was teaming with Hogan and then splitting. There was a fake ppv after he lost to taker just so he wouldn’t be without the belt for more than 6 days. He lost to Yokozuna because of an f’ing camera explosion. I could go on and on. I’m not a huge Cena fan but I’ve seen him lose and put guys over way more than Hogan. He also sells move way more than hogan ever has. The comparisons are just not accurate. I’ve lived through the hogan boom, the stone cold boom, and now he Cena boom, and if I had to rate them in order give me stone cold, then Cena, then hogan.

  • Richie

    John Cena is an amazing person in real life! Over the last 8 years though I believe he has become an egomaniac. He has just become stagnant as a character and refused to do anything about it even though he has the most stroke of any active talent in the company. He could have said I want to be a heel or I don’t want this many title reigns. He loves the spotlight and he isn’t about to relinquish it any time soon

  • Yanman

    It really comes down to Cena being the poster boy for this particular era. (PG/Post-Attitude/whatever you want to call it). This era of wrestling just isn’t as good as the Attitude Era. The ratings prove it. This era is closer to the 80’s, hokey, Hulk Hogan, all merchandise selling era that’s already been exhausted. There’s many factors to blame but IMO lack of competition the last 10+ years (with a WWE or similar type budget) has hurt the overall business and product. No new ideas, no competition to defeat, no pride, on business and money to shoot for. Like it or not and as not as successful as V-Mac, Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman brought there own style, ideas, and a lot of good things to pro wrestling that we can look back on and appreciate. Too bad TNA/Impact seems to be chasing their own tails.

  • Sebastian

    Haters Gonna Hate.

  • magruber

    I like Cena as a person. but his talent is mediocre with spurts of brilliance. he's not that good.
    I like Tim Tebow as a person, but his talent is mediocre who has so many tells in his gameplan that the other teams have disabled him.

    we dont hate you because of who you are cena. your a comenadable guy who helps out a lot of kids. We hate you because your skill sucks yet your pushed as the best when your not, and you rarely try to show us your trying otherwise to improve your skills. Sometimes you are awesome. Like at Elimination Chamber. But most of the time….eh. I almost stopped watching Raw before Wrestlemania because its become the RocknCena show and the championship isnt being pushed enough.

    Thats my two cents

  • Bruno

    I will not lie that I hate cena. He is actuall the reason I watch wwe. I have gotten so use to him for ten yrs that I will not watch wwe If he leaves. Shine your eyes

  • Batch-pz101

    He breaks his back for the company it’s fans and make a wish he goes all year you never hear him bitching about anything .. It’s funny how all these people talk crap about a guy who who showes up every day and does what he is told to do. Se people are just pathetic . If he comes out at wm and puts on a wrestling clinic everyone will still say he sucks

  • John Cena is a stand up guy he does alot for the company between make a wish and other things. He loves what he does and shows that passion by showing up for work he is a work horse the man does alot. However what some people fail to realize is it is not Cena's fault for the way his character is it's the WWE Creative its they way he is booked and plus the ones who hate Cena are the ones who take wrestling too seriously. But whether you love or hate him Cena still gets people talking about him.

  • Jamie

    No cenas we don’t hate you, we respect what you’ve done but youre boring and you’re so robotic in the ring hence the you suck chants

  • Clint

    wow, cena yeah your really not a bad guy but you will go out and embarrass someone like lillian garcia in front of a crowd, that is your true character, your nothing but a fake person,

  • Dojo

    I believe the hate for Cena stems from kiddie fans 6 yrs ago who are now 18 instead of 12 & think they are now ‘educated’ fans in the know & it is no longer ‘cool’ to cheer Cena……. The same happened with Hogan & even as lately as the Rock……… People complain about his hulking up & winning matches but take a look at most wrestlers move line up HHH, knee, spine buster, pedigree – Taker, old school, flying clothesline, tombstone, Rock – spine buster, rock bottom, peoples elbow – I know that all wrestlers have a go to move set & that includes Cena, he should not be persecuted for it, it is part of the mould………. I am in no way a Cena fan & feel a turn would take his career to another level BUT the problem is not wether he can do it (he could become one of the greatest heels ever) it’s more to do with who could take his place as biggest baby face in the WWE???????? Ok crowds seem to cheer his opponents but will they cheer when the same said opponent is up against someone else???? THAT’S THE BIGGEST PROBLEM VKM FACES & I think the major reason for keeping Cena face……….. As for Cena as a person – an amazing human being, who puts his all in to his work & does a LOT of charity work, he should be respected and admired. Can’t wait for ‘mania this year, I hope they don’t f up the Rock/Cena match & have Miz interfere – could end up spoiling the whole event – MAKE IT A CLEAN WIN FOR THE ROCK & HAVE CENA ATTACK HIM AFTER HE LOSES & PROPER LOSE IT……….. Cena can then apologise on Raw, go to shake Rockys hand then set him up for the AA………. Could you imagine the heat!!!!!!!!!! I can dream lol

  • Razmos01

    Cena cant help the way the WWE want to portray him, the guy outside of the WWE is a decent guy because he can be himself, if anyone thinks its wrong to go make money by playing a character you get paid to play, well the guy has no chance of winning the smarks over

  • tim

    idiots john cena doesnt suck because his character hes a great company man he does what you do and listen to his boss its vince being a money grubbing douche and not caring what the people who feed his cash cow thinks

  • sami

    RISE ABOVE THE HATE! … Vince is going to have a field day on the anti bullying campaign!