John Cena Injured Overseas, Possibly Off Extreme Rules

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WWE Champion John Cena suffered a right Achilles tendon injury on the current WWE European tour while working against Ryback. According to dot com, his status for next month's Extreme Rules pay-per-view is in question.

Dot com teased an update  [on Cena's status] for this week's Raw and said there are no details on his expected recovery time.

I haven't heard specially when the injury occurred but Cena teamed with Team Hell No Saturday to face Ryback, Dolph Ziggler & Big E Langston at the WWE Raw live event in Lodz, Poland.

Cena is scheduled to defend the WWE title against Ryback at WWE Extreme Rules on Sunday, May 19, 2013.  This is his first title defense on pay-per-view since beating The Rock for the title earlier this month at Wrestlemania 29.

Should he be unable to go, the company will be left in a quandary with their title.  If Cena's injury is significant, what do you think should be done?

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  • AntGilroy

    Cena and punk off the card? Im still buying it but what a shitty main event. Ryback vs???? For the vaccant title?

    • michael

      Now its time to bring back Christian

    • Chris

      Easy, WrestleMania rematch of Henry and Ryback would be their first option, I would think. Another idea is the old reliable “over the top rope” matchup for the spot. Might be the time to elevate someone, maybe Cesaro moves up?

  • jj

    Whattttttttt he’s gonna be out for at least 9 to 12 months damn I guess its time for cm punk to turn face abd carry the title again

  • I hope that it is not an angle that creative is trying to use in order to make another Cena overcomes the odds story again. However if it is indeed a legitimate injury I wish him a speedy recovery

    • lee

      I agree with eveything u said, expect the speedy recovery we could all enjoy a break from seeing him every week.

      • True, but I do wish him well and hope that he recovers

      • Jaz

        Yeah, its nice to wish for people to be impaired for long periods of time isnt it

  • Matt

    Gotta feel for John on this one. Finally gets back to the top of the mountain and this happens. I’m in no way a Cena fan but this is just bad timing for him. Hope it’s nothing to serious.

    • Leo

      I feel for him on a personal level but as the business goes I think this offers another factor for a heel turn

  • chris

    Good. Strip the title off him.

    • Never good when someone gets an injury like that whether you like the person or not. Grow up.

    • Xavier

      Your a sorry ass excuse of a human being. Just saying

      • chris

        Why? it’s not life threatening and we all know he’ll be fine in the end. It’s just a blessing not having a lameass Cena reign again with predictable outcomes.

        • Xavier

          Like I said, sorry ass excuse of a person.

        • T-Zone

          How is it lame already? Cena didn’t have the title long enough to be consider such. He may not be a great wrestler just like your favorite, but his matches are good in the sense that it gets more postive reactions. What other current superstar have matches that you can get into easily from a non-wrestling standpoint? Cena is good at telling a story, when he’s not being goofy. Also, the last time he was WWE Champion was Oct. 2, 2011 at Hell in the Cell where Alberto Del Rio def. CM Punk & him.

          I’m not huge Cena fan, but I can at least respect the person & his accolades. His personal life is nothing I should care about. Same goes for any another beloved or hated superstar such as Punk, Ryder, etc.

          Cena will tough it up.

      • chris


  • JohnnyC

    This could be a blessing in disguise………

  • Having Cena and Punk both off TV can be somewhat of a good thing. Both guys have carried a heavy workload and deserve some time away. By it being a good thing I mean it forces creative to try and properly book people in order to make stars that can carry the company when Cena and Punk are no longer able to do so

  • This is coming from WWE.COM and Cena hasn’t mentioned anything about on twitter. I think this may be a worked injury angle.

    • Matt


  • Chris

    I hate seeing what TYPE of injury it might be, just makes me think of Edge.

  • Xavier

    This is very unfortunate. Cena’s been going hard since he came into the company and has been carrying the company as the #1 guy since 2005 with literally no real substancel time off. I remember him getting hurt in late 2007, he was suppose too be out for 9-12 months and ended up coming back in 3 months. Then the next year he had neck surgery and ended up showing up too a Smackdown taping that very evening. Dude has been a machine and has shouldered so much of the load for the company and unfortunately something like this was bound to happen considering he’s never really had anytime off between wrestling, filming movies for the WWE studios, making PR appearances, and the make a wish stuff. If this injury is in fact true I really hope Vince is willing too give this guy a much needed vacation/break

  • The Breaker

    When you think about what Ryback said before about people wishing Cena would get injured more often, this is pretty ironic; he might lose his shot at the title because of Cena’s injury!

  • Dangerous Lee

    It was Rikishi! He did it for the Rock!

    • Danny_Boy

      Boooo! Dude your jokes get lamer & lamer by the day.

      • Matt

        Were they ever any good?

  • If this leads to Ryback winning the WWE championship at Extreme Rules then so help me. Ryback Sucks > Ryback Rules Feed Me Less > Feed Me More

  • EvilMenace666

    Rikishi was the one who ran over Stone Cold.

    • Matt

      Have a cookie.