John Cena Injury Update, WWE Blocks Khali From Movie?, Bo Dallas Blooper

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- John Cena checked in on Twitter with an update on arm as he recovers from a torn triceps:

- The Times of India is reporting that Sylvester Stallone recommended The Great Khali for the upcoming action-thrilled "Escape Plan" (that co-stars Arnold Schwarzenegger) but his WWE contract wouldn't allow for him to be in the movie. I'm not sure the validity of the report as the publication refers to WWE as the "World Wrestling Entertainment Federation" but you can check it out at this link.

- Bo Dallas came out for his match against Curt Hawkins on Friday night and said it was great to be in Rochester, New York. One problem.  They were in Syracuse and the crowd turned on him.

  • Dave Barton

    Hysterical, with Bo’s dad being a grad of Syracuse. Steak dinner says that becomes his new heel gimmick.

  • theothegiant

    It honestly might be already. He plays the oblivious troll so well. I think that Syracuse fell to in a trap. You better Bo-lieve it.

  • Batmant

    Do you watch NXT, Richard? This is what Bo Dallas does. He called Samu Zayn “green”, too, because he’s “new. Is that also news?

  • Dustyn

    Looks like Dallas pulled an R-Truth!”

  • Guy Landau

    Seeing as Dallas is a heel masquarading as a face, I would put good money that it was intentional.