John Cena Injury Update - WWE Dates In Madrid & Barcelona Canceled

John Cena posted another picture of his scar from his surgery to repair his torn triceps. The following is from Twitter:


Speaking of Cena, he's apparently the reason for some upcoming tour dates in Madrid and Barcelona being canceled for the company's fall overseas tour. Click here for more.

  • iwc

    im so sick of all these injuries updates for cena even though they dont effect me in the slightest but i cant help but complain becuz its cena and i love complaining about cena. why r you shoving him down my throats. i wish cena would fall of a cliff or just retire. he can’t wrestle and he does the same stuff over and over again. Vince should get rid of cena and go back to a attitude are style, it worked in the 90s so its could works again

    • JeanAE

      If you went back to grammar school, would you learn anything from it a second time?

    • Simze

      I wish you would fall off a cliff

    • Scott Davies

      Who said the Attittude Era would work in 2013. Year it was a historic Era, but Pro Wrestling has to evolve. Swearing & Nudity is not needed this day & age. John Cena like it or not. Pulls in ratings, draws record numbers at House shows. Cena is doing what Hulk Hogan did in the 80’s, while the anti hero was needed in Stone Cold. We don’t need it anymore. Now I’m not a Cena fan & his work needs to change once in a while. But the Ego in Cena is way different than Hogan’s. Cena would do a make a wish appearance for no money, while Hogan would expect a pay check. He is off TV now so we got the break Cena & the fans need.

      • Sandeep Agarwal

        He is actually mocking the iwc.

    • Xavier

      Kill yourself!! Nobody talks about my man Cena that way NOBODY!..

    • steve pritchard

      Wow that’s harsh from Someone who bashes punk and ziggler every chance he gets. I agree with most of what u say ! But what’s up with the double standard? I like cena but he’s not the best thing going right now . I don’t care how much merchandise he moves. Hogan moved a lot of merchandise but yet he’s a total bore! I don’t see how you can jump all over people about punk or ziggler but no one can say anything about cena . Double standard much

      • Xavier

        Notice how my name is in black, and notice that I am actually a paying customer on WNW. The Xavier you just responded to above is a troll who’s been posting random BS under my name. Click on my name and look at my prior comments. I would never tell someone to kill themselves just because they bad mouthed someone I liked.

    • lesnabis

      U really sick my boy!

  • kingdook24

    Dang, Cena – Get well soon, brother. The E is not the same without you. Since you left, all the faces for some reason forgot how to win.