John Cena "Injury" Update

To update on the kayfabe "injury" to John Cena, footage was shown during the WWE Extreme Rules Post-Show of him getting up and walking off of the stretcher as they were loading him into the ambulance. Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler teased an update on Raw.

For those that didn't order Extreme Rules, they did a spot where Ryback rammed Cena through the LED lights on the entrance way (literally, through the entrance the hardway). Referee Charles Robinson rushed to the back but didn't count. Ryback was shown being helped away, while Cena was loaded on a stretcher.

No decision for the match was announced.

  • luke

    it was a great work, even knowing it was kayfabe, i was still shocked!

  • How dare the WWE for going kayfabe!!!

  • Kleck

    Being there live was insane. Sparks flying everywhere and all were completely shocked. Damn good spot

    • Josh_rocker1

      It was awesome at first but then it just became awkward. I wanted to boo the outcome but was holding back in case there was a legitimate injury. They played it well because no one around me was really for sure if it was a work or not. If it was a work then I’m annoyed at the ending because it was very abrupt with no real ending.

  • Great match and really extreme