John Cena Injury Update

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There was a planned injury angle scripted into this week's WWE Raw for John Cena. I'm told they wanted to make Cena appear vulnerable against Dolph Ziggler thus the angle was planned.

The kicker is Cena's spill to the outside. Some believe it was a shoot while others are telling us it was a work. Cena wrote on Twitter he was undergoing an MRI on Tuesday. From everything we've heard he is scheduled to undergo an MRI but we're still sorting through what's legitimate and what's not.

  • Doug

    To me it looked like he rolled his ankle rather than injured the knee, especially the way he was hopping up the ramp.

  • KingJamsie

    Ankle is hurt, Knee is a work! Should be fine for TLC

  • Mike

    If the injury is scripted then would it make sense to have Cena post on his Twitter account that he's getting an MRI to further sell the injury.Plus if it was a real knee injury then why would they have Ziggler attack the knee possababily doing more damage to it.

  • Him skipping/limping to the back has to be real. Cole and Lawler were speechless!

  • willie

    So the scripted plan was for cena to injury his knee but he roll his ankle forreal that why they did the li Kee room angle