John Cena The Most-Liked Active US Athlete On Facebook

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WWE issued a press release on Friday, touting the fact that John Cena has passed Kobe Bryant as the most-liked active US athlete on Facebook with more than 18.6 million followers.

TV By the Numbers has the release in is entirety at this link.

While congratulations are in order, the phenomenal Leo Messi has 53,753,317 likes as of this writing.

  • Xavier

    This can’t be true. According to the Cena boo birds, only kids like Cena lol

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      “most active US athlete” think of how many people that eliminates lol.

  • jason

    Who in the blue hell is Leo Messi??????????????? It doesn’t matter who it is!!!!!!!

    • not even a Barcelona fan

      he’s more of a magician than an athlete. 🙂

      seriously though. The guy is insane. His footballing talents are unmatchable.

      • jason

        I never heard of him and was only using the rocks catchphrases as a joke. People need to chill

        • not even a Barcelona fan

          i know, dude. I was just saying he’s an exceptional athlete.

    • Mysterion

      American? Look, this debate rages frequently on Richards Facebook page, sadly. Just because you don’t like football, literally refuse to call it soccer, it doesn’t mean it isn’t the single most popular attraction in the world. Europe, Australia, Asia, South and Central America and it’s continued growing market in the United States. That’s like me saying “who the hell is Payton Manning?” Because I don’t give a damn about NFL. It doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the magnitude of the game. It’s just not my thing so I don’t sit here insulting it through sheer lack of respect.

      • jason

        While I never heard of him. And I was only making a joke. It was one of the rocks catchphrases you know. I never meant to insult him. That’s what wrong with the world now a days. No one can take a joke and people get insulted over the littlest things. Learn to lighten up a bit

      • jason

        And I might add I never refused to call it soccer that was the other person. Check who your calling out before you rant

  • Chadi Hmaied

    And Cristiano Ronaldo has 73,128,001 likes,Messi Who?

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      “US athlete”