John Cena No Longer Advertised For WWE Raw

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John Cena is no longer officially advertised for this week's WWE Raw from the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City.

As we previously reported, Vince McMahon and Cena agreed upon the amount of dates he would work between now and Hell in a Cell a couple weeks ago. We also have reports on the tension between them here and here.

  • george

    I was not going to buy another pay per view if Cena would have fought Punk! I'm thrilled Cena is out of the picture!

  • Dave Barton

    I realize the office is panicking because Cena can't be on tv right now & could even miss a ppv, and they're worried about their precious ratings. But I just wanna say I know some people will point to Punk's lengthy title reign & the lower ratings and say "Put the belt back on Cena, he drew higher ratings" as if its Punk's fault the ratings have dropped, as if Punk can't be "the guy." But Cena has been in far more "main event" slots on both Raw & ppv than Punk during Punk's entire reign. So maybe the problem isn't Punk, maybe the ratings have actually dipped because despite finally giving someone else the ball, its still all about Cena.

    I swear, life imitates art & art in turn imitates life.

    • xosilverecho

      Punk is part of the problem with his constant whining about demanding respect. Man, I hope Ryback shuts him up.

      • Thebigbowboskie

        I agree
        Punk is boring

        • Evon Reese

          And a whiner

      • Dave Barton

        And you, my friend, are a 1000% mark.

        • Evon Reese

          Gotta love how Cena Haters call people marks when you speak out against Punk. News flash some people find him to be extremely boring .

    • Tom

      Too boring when this gay punk reign that title, it completely unpersuasive .

  • H.M.

    I still remember the promo he cut after the conclusion of his match with Lesnar at EC. Guy deserves a break already.

  • Wwefan4ever

    Glad vena is only working limited he really is valuable and needs to be in good shape

  • SRP

    Oh snap!

  • An0n

    Good, give the man time off, maybe work a heel turn in there maybe? Change in character perhaps? Lets see new material eh? I know, preaching to the choir.

    • xosilverecho

      Cena will never, eeeeeever turn heel. He values his merchandise sales too much for that.

  • Tony P.

    Who cares? Cena sucks anyway.

    • Dave Barton

      Tell that to the woman & children who keep buying his merch. I swear, they might as well hand over titles according to whoever sold the most crap nobody really needs each week.

      And yeah. I *am* getting disenchanted with WWE again. I watched it every week from 1977-2006, then got back into it again last year when Punk was allowed to go off-script. Since then he's been pigeon-holed, undermined, and overlooked. Really, Nash needed to get involved with Punk? HHH needed to beat Punk? Cena had to maintain the "main event" slots? THIS was how they thought it would be best to move forward with their new "top guy"???

  • Spike westphal

    Some of the best raws have been without cena

    • unknown

      except when he was cutting promos with The Rock.

  • Shawn

    Ryback ryback ryback ryback

  • Synyster

    And Vince is being a whiney (sorry I know it’s pg) bitch because Cena is hurt and they’re going to push him over the edge if they don’t let the man recover…

  • Eric

    I hope they get good ratings 2nite for cena could take a break maybe all this S### with him and vince they turn his heel all the superstars did it austin turn heel in still made money

  • Eric

    hey austin was a face and hated vince and turn heel bye joining him to win over the rock hey cena is a face

  • Eric

    cena can turn heel and still make money maybe all the tension between him and vince play along and a storyline what u think richard

  • Jose


    • Tom

      I don't about cena suck, I pretty sure you are suck

  • boondock

    i love Cena and what he stands for, Rybeck the latest big hype (and Goldberg ripoff) wont ever be anything more than another great kali or that masters guy who got hyped just like Rybeck but couldn't wrestle a lick. CM punk created huge ratings just being the pipe bomb guy , now they scripted him a heel and tv sets are going off.

  • Kevin

    Wouldn't it be something if the tension between Cena and Vince got so great that Cena left WWE and went to TNA? What a coup that would be for TNA!