John Cena & nWo, WWE's Cutbacks, Stephanie's Mic Work, Erasing Daniel Bryan?

Everyone wants to see progress from John Cena. What if he joins the nWo?

The reformation of the new World order of Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan was a one-time thing done for the Hulk Hogan birthday bash, which climaxed with a Brock Lesnar/John Cena run-in. The faction won't be used in the company forward and was just a nostalgic thing to do. I laughed earlier in the week when one reader suggested that Hall, Nash and Hogan needed to stay around a bit longer when another reader questioned, and do what exactly? These guys are retired and while it's great to see them doing well, there's no point in investing in them.

Why is WWE having trouble with money when they just signed a new deal with NBCUniversal?

The financial cutbacks in WWE are in response to the company's new WWE Network-driven business model. WWE is essentially "punting" their pay-per-view revenue, which accounted for 15-17% of their net revenue from 2010-2012. They're now focused on attracting new subscribers in order to turn a profit. Significant resources have already been invested into making the WWE Network a reality. The company said after launch they needed 1 million domestic subscribers to "break even" with the Network. The feeling was they should get there fairly easily but those subscribers have proved harder to attract than first thought. As of June 30, 2014 the WWE Network had 700,000 domestic subscribers. While on the surface this doesn't seem like a bad number, it proved stagnant, reflecting a net addition of only 33,000 subscribers from the day after Wrestlemania 30. WWE opened up the Network internationally earlier this week in hopes it helps them reach their targets faster. As for the deal with NBCUniversal, the company had been promising investors they would double or triple their domestic TV rights fees. Vince McMahon even told one person they could put him in a hammerlock if the company didn't double their domestic TV rights fees. While WWE ended up increasing their TV revenue, the increase was considered moderate and well below what the company had promised investors. Vince later admitted the deal was disappointing. So as WWE adapts to this new model, they're making cuts wherever possible in order to make it profitable as soon as they can.

What are your thoughts on Stephanie McMahon's mic work and overall work as a heel? I think she's been great on TV and is one of the best the company has right now.

I believe the entire McMahon family -- not just Stephanie -- has a gift on the mic. All of them -- Vince, Linda, Stephanie and Shane -- know how to captivate an audience and make their appearances come off as realistic and entertaining. My biggest problem with The Authority since its inception has been an overwhelming amount of power with little to no counter attack. That has changed in Stephanie's program with Brie Bella with Stephanie "being arrested," getting slapped and various verbal beat downs. The latest twist of Daniel Bryan "having an affair," is what WWE is using to amp up interest into the match at Sunday's SummerSlam pay-per-view. I don't know if we can expect a good wrestling match but Stephanie has been training hard and we should get a conclusion to one of the more compelling programs of the summer.

I am not against the Daniel Bryan adultery story. I am even glad to see WWE trying to keep him alive. But why then did they "erase him" from the Wrestlemania 30 broadcast? It seems like one day they want nothing to do with Bryan due to his health condition and the uncertainty that brings, and the next day they want to bring him back to keep him in the Universe's fresh memory. Doesn't it seem odd?

WWE wanted to add a strong go-home element to Brie Bella vs. Stephanie McMahon so they chose to go the "Daniel Bryan is an adulterer" route. Where they go from here remains to be seen but that's why it was done. The angle was not to necessarily put the focus back on Daniel Bryan as he is still without a return date and is "out indefinitely." It was a side element to a program treated as a main event type encounter at SummerSlam. The removal of Daniel Bryan from the one-hour Wrestlemania 30 TV special had to do with the company not wanting to promote something they couldn't deliver. I do not believe it had do with an anti-Bryan agenda as much as it had to do with the fact Bryan is currently out due to injury.

From the Ask WNW vault…

May 2012: When will Rey Mysterio return? - Given his 60-day suspension from WWE due to his second Wellness Policy violation, Rey Mysterio isn’t eligible to return to the company until the latter part of next month. I heard the company is working to extend his contract based on dates he’s missed from his recent knee injury but we’re still a month away from a possible return due to the suspension.

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  • James Mark Cornette

    Lol @ Richard thinking Linda also has a gift on the mic. All her promo’s/segments sound like she’s reading them off a teleprompter.

    • Linda took the stunner. It wasn’t pretty but she took the stunner. That was enough for me.

      • Patrick

        Linda is the lest talented of the McMahon’s Richard even she admits she is no actress and is terrible compared to Vince ,, Steph , and Shane.. Linda’s mic work is not great at all just ok but that’s it.

        that stunner she took was terrible.

      • James Mark Cornette

        I believe she pulled her head out of Steve’s hold and just dropped down.

    • Avalanchian

      Linda was awesome. Especially when dealing with a “cheating” Vince and her spoiled brat kids. She didn’t have as much tv time, but she was far from Dixie bad.

      • Rayner Chee-bai


  • David F

    It also doesnt help Authority angle when Trips and Steph have same boring 15 intro monologue on how Bryan is B plus player and plugging 9.99 little too far

  • Venom

    Was that first question even serious? What would John Cena even do with the nWo?

    I also wish the WWE Network the best of luck in its future endeavours as I will not be getting it. I’m in Canada and even though I do have Rogers, I think the service is garbage. I wanted an over the top pick and choose what I want like US. Not a live feed channel.

    PS. I will admit. Any wrestler wearing an nWo shirt always looks cool I don’t know why. Even back in the day when WCW was around and HBK was out I saw a photo of him wearing one and thought it was cool at the time.

    • Venom

      I should add that I think wearing nWo shirt looks cool for a photo shoot and being nostalgic. BUT if u were an nWo member and wearing it and doing the wolfpac sign at Indy shows and conventions and saying “nWo 4 life” or “nWo forever” like Virgil or Scott Steiner then you look like a dope.

    • Dave Barton

      “What would John Cena even do with the nWo?”

      I’m sure if someone had asked if goody-two-shoes (where the hell did that even come from anyway?) Hulk Hogan might join up with The Outsiders when they first arrived in WCW, it would’ve seemed equally as ludicrous. But it worked. Extraordinarily well, I might add.

      But I actually agree with you on Cena joining/rebooting the nWo. nWo has been done to death, just leave it be and remember it for the good times (and try to forget its bad times).

  • steve

    So am I the only one that can see DB arrive on Sun to save his wife and set up a fued with HHH

    • John

      Another Daniel Bryan feud with Triple H? Didn’t we have this for like a year straight? No thanks!

      • steve

        and I don’t want it either but if DB can take a bump – I can see it happening. Maybe this is where Roman comes in and makes the save??

    • Bob’s Diner

      Yes you are

    • Padres4life

      how? Reigns is aiming for Triple H next.

  • Bob’s Diner

    John Cena in the NWO? Gosh, people are really grasping now

    • Avalanchian

      CWO Cena World Order

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    So someone in coming for the save means there is a possibility of them joining?

    Just, wow.

  • K!NG

    Some people must believe that Cena going heel is going to have the same effect of hogan going heel. However i think Cena becoming heel will be much like stone cold as a heel.

  • Padres4life

    i think they’re idiots for not including Bryan more..how is he supposed to grow to mega star status when they don’t even include him in segments when he’s injured? i mean he could do a lot as a manager for Brie or to even do promotional work for the company..instead, they don’t want him doing anything, not promoting anything or anything….its just odd..he was their hottest face and they just discard him once he’s gone..makes no sense.