John Cena On GMA, WWE Title Side Plates Replaced, Live Event Notes

John Cena on GMA

John Cena appeared on "Good Morning America" on Monday with the new WWE title belt. You can watch video embedded in the video below:



WWE Title Belt Plates Replaced

Below is a photo of the side plates on the WWE title being replaced:

[information]Owly Images[/information]

WWE Live Event Notes

WWE has announced a 5/31 live event from the Civic Center in Glen Falls, New York and a 6/30 live event from the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester, Minnesota on 6/30. Tickets for both shows go on sale on Saturday.

  • Jeremy

    Meh. I prefer the old name plates to showcase who the titleholder is.

  • Streamz

    Apparently they were selling a T-shirt with ‘the champ is here’ and a picture of the wwe title with Cena’s new side-plates on it before Wrestlemania even started. As if the outcome wasn’t more predictable than the sun rising, they still spoiled it!