John Cena Part Of The Cast For "Fred 3: Camp Fred"

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John Cena will join Tom Arnold, Daniella Monet, Jake Weary and Carlos Knight in the cast of "Fred 3: Camp Fred."

Variety has more details available at this link.

  • steve2


  • Kleck

    Bad news for one's sanity

  • Noah

    Fred 3?! NO! NO ! NO!

  • Dangerous Lee

    Camp Fred? As in Fred Flintstone? Starring Mr. Fruity Pebbles himself? Well that's just perfect…..


    I would love to see all of the Fred Shows,and movies which include John Cena.I can't wait to see Fred 3 to,starring John Cena:-}

    • Noah

      No life you have

  • Cm Spunk

    So the guy who slagged off The Rock for doing shitty movies, does them himself. Divorce makes you do crazy things..

  • Tim

    Cena only had cameos in the movies but they all were funny

  • MonstaHeel 450

    Sigh…. If Cena does "iCarly", it's all over. Boy oh boy……lol