John Cena Pays Off $15,214.92 Lien Against His Home

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TMZ is reporting that John Cena paid the Florida roofing company that filed a $15,214.92 lien against his home last year.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Dave L for sending this in.

  • Ross

    No news today then?

  • Mike

    Presumably he cleared out the loose change from between his sofa cushions…

    • vivalajady

      imagine if we could do that

  • Dangerous Lee

    Poor cena. Now he’s gonna have to live off powdered milk and crayons for the next 2 weeks.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    I know he is on the road and working.. but doesn't his wife send in the Bill payments.. That is if he is still married.

  • I think Hogan is underrated as a lsertwer. I’ve seen tapes of matches he had in Japan and he actually could wrestle better than most give him credit for. But in the States, people wanted the no sell, the big pointing finger and a leg drop, so that’s what they got. I do think Hogan has tarnished his legend recently. The messy divorce, Nick’s troubles and being involved in the disaster known as TNA haven’t helped.