John Cena Privately Settles Divorce

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TMZ is reporting that John Cena and his now ex-wife Elizabeth Huberdeau have privately settled their divorce. Liz's attorney, Raymond Rafool, told TMZ the following:

"All matters [in the divorce] have been settled and resolved amicably.”

Things were expected to get very nasty after Liz claimed that John "blindsided" her by filing for divorce back in May.

  • Looks like it didnt get nasty after all…..

    • Anand

      Thankfully for Cena. It would've done a lot of damage for his "Gentleman-Good Guy" Image and not to forget the emotional trauma that he would've had to endure…

      Time to move on Cena…

      • Ken

        A shame really. That might have forced Vince to spice up his character a bit. Gods know nothing else is going to make that happen.

        • Anand

          Why would you want someone to go through a nasty divorce? I take it you don't like Cena as a fan but he is a good person who everyone respects?

          It's sad to see guys like you comment or even think like this 🙁

  • Eloy Tijerina

    Good for all

  • Sythian

    Thankfully that’s over for now

  • Ranfery25

    Hopefully he can finally take a break soon!

    • felicia

      it won't happen

  • Flame.L-DW.Leader

    well john can get lots of girls so does it really matter it does but well she did the divorce so its her loss i feel bad for cena since he is going through divorce and then wwe when liz claimed that she was blindsided cena should of did the divorce in may always follow your conscious

  • Alex P

    It's awful to see any divorce…but I'm glad this one didn't end up getting nasty like the Hogan divorce.

    • Adam

      What happened with hogan

  • Patrick Peralta

    glad it's over.

  • Bill Clinton

    Why did they divorce in the first place? Did someone cheat or something?

    • this guy

      she wanted money. When you marry a wrestler you know what you are getting into. Let lone a top guy in a company

  • guest

    She was with him long before he became famous. She went to california with him and lived in his car while he pursued his dreams. there were rumors before they got married that she cheated. but regardless cena is a stand up guy and probably gave her what she wanted. He hasn't bad mouthed her and really hasn't commented one way or the other or even talked any smack about her or why he was filing for divorce. Very rare these days.

    • raspywolf

      Yeah, Just ask Kelly Kelly.