John Cena Pulled From WWE Live Event Due To Injury

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WWE Champion John Cena did not work Friday night's WWE live event in Portland, Oregon. Brad Maddox came out to open the show and announced that due to injury, Cena would not be working.

This goes right along with what we've been told in that Cena's left elbow has become an issue. Cena is scheduled to undergo surgery on the elbow early next week following Sunday's WWE title match at SummerSlam. He was also held off last Sunday's WWE live event in Oakland, California for precautionary purposes.

  • jase1188

    So cena will lose at summerslam to bryan and storyline will be that the injury was caused from the yes lock ?

    • devanshkotak

      no he won’t. they will just keep him off the matches like they did before. on top of it, if cena wins at summer slam it will be sure that orton won’t cash in his case unless we have the shield or wyatt family knocking him out. i would love to see that

  • devanshkotak

    i would love to see this. Cena wins the match against Bryan. maybe on next night or when he is clear to cut promos on raw, he is interrupted by the wyatts. (kane will be busy with see no evil 2, so he is likely to miss the next few weeks and maybe the next ppv or 2) if they haven’t announced the surgery bit on .com yet they can make wyatt family knock him out on raw. orton cashes in and we get orton vs bryan at night of champions for the belt. they can say that Wyatts injured cena and he needs time off. shields then gets pissed off and they face the Wyatt family at NOC for the titles. on the ppv following NOC we can have cena, Kane and a major talent face the Wyatt family. i would love to see all these matches irrespective of the storylines.