John Cena On Raw Crowd, JR Interviewed For ESPN's WWE Performance Center Special

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John Cena on Raw Crowd

John Cena Tweeted the following about the rowdy crowd expected for this week's episode of Monday Night Raw in Chicago, Illinois:

JR on ESPN's WWE Performance Center Special

In addition to sitting down with the great Sam Roberts while in New York City, Jim Ross noted that he was interviewed for the upcoming E:60 feature that ESPN will be doing on the WWE Performance Center. According to Ross, the special is slated to air sometime in April. You can read JR's latest at this link but only after you buy some BBQ sauce.

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  • Avalanchian

    The return of CM Punk!!!!

  • kingdook24

    It must really be tough being John Cena. I really do mean that – this guy seriously takes a lot of crap from fans & he does a lot outside/inside the ring for the fans & WWE. It’s not his fault his character hasn’t changed over the years – that’s how WWE wants him to be. I truly believe Cena has enough stroke to walk up to management & say – I’m ready to be a heel. For out of respect for the business & everything that they’ve done for him – he doesn’t. He’s a workhorse – and does what needs to be done. I get it – he sells out arena, merchandise, Make A Wish & what not – but seriously, Cena is one man. Surely there’s than one person who can sell a shirt & Make A Wish contributions, and about selling out arenas – Hell… Bryan & Punk (before he left) had that handled.

    I’m not just getting on the city of Chicago, but Chicago REALLY gave him a lot of crap tonight & he just takes it with a smile on his face. No one can deny it gets to him – It would definitely bug me if my character is a face & I’m getting booed out the damn arena. Look at what they did with Batista… My God – WWE had to completely overhaul his character because of how badly they’ve booked him & forced him down fans’ throats. I get it – WWE Fans want change but Cena does have a point – I don’t care if Orton has the title. Cena is the face of the company & if anyone is going to take that crown from him or compete with it, they have to go through him

    But here’s the kicker – everyone who normally goes through Cena… is booked to lose. So, it’s not all on Cena. Fans should not be booing Cena. Fans should be booing WWE… for a change. You all have a voice. Keep expressing it, but try to direct at the people who need to hear it. Trust – Cena’s hears it. He hears it every event.