John Cena Replacing Fred Flintstone On The Box Of Fruity Pebbles

John Cena is replacing Fred Flintstone on 4 million boxes of Fruity and Cocoa Pebbles as WWE continues their sponsorship of the cereal. Unlike the 3 million boxes of Fruity Pebbles that Cena was on last year, where he appeared alongside Flintstone, he'll be prominently featured front and center.

"We've just been talking with kids. They wanted more variety," said Sharon Pupel, a Post marketing director (via "Fred isn't necessarily the … coolest or [most] relevant guy for kids who we are going after."

WWE first reached out to Post after The Rock began teasing Cena in storyline last year about his brightly colored ring-gear, saying he looked like a "big, fat bowl of Fruity Pebbles." WWE claims they weren't looking to lure a sponsor but contacted Post when it caught on with fans at their shows.

Other WWE/Post promotions are planned, including a sweepstakes, as well as Cena likely returning later in the year for back-to-school boxes.

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  • The Big Organ

    The Rock – “You’re Welcome!”

    Damien Sandow – “Know your placement Rock!”

    • IlyasG

      Well done sir!

    • The Breaker

      The Rock- "The Rock would like to take that irrelevant opinion of yours, shine it up real nice…"

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    “Big, fat bowl of Fruity Pebbles" sure got a lot of positive feedback here, Rock. Cena wins this time. LOL


  • christianrocker90

    Seriously? Replacing Fred? I like the sponsorship but no. He shouldn't be REPLACING Fred. Keep him along side Fred.

  • Adam “Swipe”


  • Ken

    Do kids these days even know who Fred Flintstone is? He was old and irrelevant when I was a kid, and that was a long time ago. Putting Cena on the front instead of Fred will probably connect with the demographic more.

    • Jonny Lane

      Old and irrelevant? It was a cartoon for gods sake.

      • Ken

        When I was younger, about 20 years ago, very few kids in the area where I lived watched the Flintstones because it was so old and because they'd seen all the episodes long before they were old enough to have a choice in what they watched on TV. The only people who watched the Flintstones were parents, because they'd watched it as kids.
        This isn't an exaggeration, and it wasn't limited to Fred and Barney. Tom and Jerry, Loony Tunes, Merry Melodies, old Disney stuff, it was all so old and it all got shown on telly so often that no one I knew, and no one they knew, knew of anyone who watched and enjoyed them. At best they'd be too lazy to change the station.
        Because no one watched the Flintstones where Ilived it had no relevance where I lived. No lunchboxes, no pencil cases, no sleepware, no slippers, no anything. Now admittedly we don't and didn't have Fruity Pebbles in the UK but if we did then where I lived the presence of Fred Flintstone on the box would have done nothing whatsoever to promote sales of the product, because Fred had no relevance, because the show had no relevance, because no one watched it, because it was too old.
        You see where I'm going?
        It was just curiosity.

        • Demon

          That will be changing sometime in the future, although I don't know how "kid friendly" it'll be, since the show is coming from Seth McFarlane.

          • Ken

            That might be worth looking at.
            Purely out of curiosity…

  • Stoney

    The Rock is back to scratch a major itch, so enjoy your fruity pebbles you Yabba Dabba Bitch

  • khalkaroth

    Typical of WWE to take the "haters" as an inspiration.

    Cena is getting old, has a tasteless character, and is outright unentertaining. Probably obvious, but he is only there to make the most people react to him. It shows in how he moves and especially what he says. I mean, when the whole arena boos him when he's on the mic he will throw something like "oh, I'm popular" when in fact they are sending a message to WWE in that they are just sick of him.

    WWE just aren't in it for entertainement, they're in it to "play" with people.

  • Ricky Valdez

    Awesome cena has his own cereal. I grew up with the flinstones, but kids today can’t relate with Fred flinstones, but they can with John cena.

  • Ricky Valdez

    What’s all this hate for John cena damm there are some jealouse haters out there. People who dislike cena have not fallowed his career. This man has gone through wars in the ring againsts the best and has proven he belongs. People who hate cena are jealouse and no nothing about his in ring career.

    • Silverwolf

      The hate is for the character Cena portrays, not for the person himself. Cena the man is a great person. Cena the character is flat, boring and in serious need of repackaging. People call him Hogan 2.0 for a reason. The only difference is when Hogan started hearing the boos of the crowd, he did something about it and became Hollywood Hogan.

      As for replacing Flinstone with Cena on the cereal box, Theyre both cartoon characters so I don't see the difference. Lol

    • Snap

      People aren't "jealous" if they hate John Cena, they just don't find him entertaining. It would be like calling each and every Cena fan a sheep simply because they love Cena. I think it's fairly simple, really… there are people who enjoy Cena and, therefore, are his fans. On the other hand, there are people who hate Cena and, therefore, are not his fans. There is no right or wrong opinion to have regarding Cena. Whether I hate Cena or not has no affect on whether others love Cena or vice versa and, no, "jealousy" is most certainly NOT a factor.

      As for Cena replacing Fred Flintstone, what people need to realize if the "Fruity Pebbles" product is based upon the FLINTSTONES brand. Do you think WWE would allow someone like… (just pulling out of thin air here, it's not meant to be serious) Justin Bieber to be plastered all over WWE merchandise as the face of the brand?

      If anything, Cena owes a big "Thank-you!" to The Rock for this one because even Cena fans and Rock haters have to admit that it would never have happened had it not been for Rock's "Fruity Pebbles" remark.

  • Evonreese

    John Cena is laughing all the way to the bank

  • joe

    They should replace barney with ziggler so he can also steal his cereal hahahaha

  • Paul uk

    Never heard of fruity pebbles until last year

  • Patrick

    I grew up with Fred Flintstone you don’t replace him at all end of story.