John Cena Reveals 10 Years Strong Gear

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John Cena reveals his new colors in the following Tweet and Tout:

  • jdl

    I like how he claims it's new ring gear, when it's the exact same ring gear as always, only with a different color and a new logo on the shirt.

    • J-Dub

      Still new and asks those parents how many they bought their kids. Keep wondering why Cena is the #1 in WWE!

  • CynIsIn

    Ten years… remeber when they had the Undertaker call it a Decade of Destruction, I think that title should go to Cena, has anybody destroyed the product more than John Cena? I mean over te last year, he's become channel surfing material for me.

  • Michael

    oh look, more merchandise for his young fan base to ask their parents to buy right in time for Chrismas.

    • diddy

      Mummy and daddy should just tell little Jimmy no they are not buying him John Cena's new gear as they want WWE to turn him heel.

  • wwe is not so creative with their merchandise either maybe they have to give cena other clothes those parents are not buying the same shirts mutch longer I think.
    I really want him to turn heel liked his Rap/Hip-hop gimmick

    • Michael

      I don't mind him being a babyface, I quite like the character, just wish they would alter it slightly.

      • while watching that John Cena Make a wish segment on Raw I thought to myself that Cena Gimmick has to be this gimmick Because those kids love him and he means a lot to them, and if wwe let him start being more of a heel that the kids might not respect him anymore.