John Cena Says He Has A Torn Triceps, Out 4-6 Months

John Cena announced in the opening segment of this week's episode of Monday Night Raw that his swollen elbow is due to a torn left triceps and it will require surgery to repair. Cena said he'll be out 4-6 months for surgery and rehab.

I heard last week Cena already had surgery scheduled for early this week, however, I was not told that he had a torn triceps. As far as I know this is the legitimate injury.

August 19, 2013 10:40 PM EDT Update:

You can watch video from the opening segment featuring Cena at this link or embedded in the video below:

End update.

  • dean

    hopefully cena recovers from his injury in time for the royal rumble. however, there is no way in hell that vince McMahon cannot have cena appear on raw, sd etc while he is rehabbing his injury.
    cena is wwe’s top draw and wwe will need him on tv during football season on Monday nights.

    • Guy Landau

      Whenever Cena was rehabbing an injury before, which hasn’t happened in the past 2 or so years, he was off TVs as well.

      • Patrick

        don’t forget Cena heals quickly far quicker then most people or wrestlers. He did have surgery on his neck in the morning and was at the arena that night. instead of being at home recovering.

        • amaanakter

          Because he came back quicklier than he should have this time hopefully he stays away for the full amount of time

  • Troll_Express

    That’s great news. Now he can go home and rest and come back with a character change that we the fans and IWC can cheer for.

  • Stoney

    Daniel Bryan’s time to shine

  • Streamz

    So the WWE championship is on a 4-6 month lease before he makes a triumphant return and we’re back to the soul crushing status quo of John Cena as WWE Champion.

  • Wyatt

    This would be a great opportunity for a Cena Heel turn. Have Daniel Bryan win the WWE Championship and Cena screw him out of it.

    • Matt

      SHUT UP ABOUT A GODDAMN HEEL TURN! Christ, it’s been years and you people still ramble on about it. It’s not gonna happen!!!!

      • Sam A. Melara

        well one can dream……

  • Matt

    Cena getting injured is a blessing in disguise, it’s gonna force Vince to wake up and start pushing someone else to Cena’s level. These days I feel like the WWE doesn’t even put half the effort into pushing other stars as they do into pushing John Cena.

  • Vaneyscopaz

    I say Cm Punk is top face in the wwe right now other than bryan, well bryan for now but overrall in the 6 months it will be Cm Punk

  • PFA56

    Any time Cena is away from the main event is a blessing besides the rest of the year is going to be devoted to Bryan Orton and HHH anyway can’t wait for the instant classic matches there gonna have.

  • amaanakter

    This is probably the first time that people are actually happy that someone is injured and is being written off TV also the first time I’ve heard cheers after someone says they are injured haha!

  • Xavier

    People that are happy about Cena being hurt really need to reevaluate there sad pathetic lives. I understand some don’t like Cena’s character but to celebrate someone getting hurt really sures how pathetic some people really are.

  • Charles

    People often don’t realize what they have ’till it’s gone.
    Cena showed an absolutely absurd level of class to laugh it off and not tell all those people where they can go.
    He put off having tricep surgery he needed a long time ago to continue entertaining us week after week with no regard for his own body.
    And that’s the thanks he gets.