John Cena Says He Has An Announcement That Will Make History

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John Cena wrote the following on Twitter:

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Mohammad Abulawi for sending this in.

  • Dougie

    Money In The Bank and compete? Heel turn (doUbtful)? Quitting/Taking time off? Rehiring of MVP to make a tag team of rappers (Doubtful)?
    Thought I’d throw a few guesses out there

  • chris

    please retire

  • Tyler Bowles

    Atta boy John! #CenatorForLife

  • Jas

    He's going to be involved in his first ever Money In The Bank Ladder Match? How history changing. How predictable. I swear, if I'm right, I think I might be done with WWE and it's shoddy, horrible writing.

    • Code


  • elgato48

    It will either be something pointless or something obvious. I’m expecting him to announce he is entering mitb match. Which well be history since if I remember he has never been in

  • Simon

    I'm really kinda curious what this might be, I hope it's actually something worth while

  • Jay

    He is going to TNA!!!

  • Jay

    He is single and ready to mingle??

    • John

      That was in poor taste.

      • marcus

        I thought it was pretty funny

  • Jay

    He finally watched The marine for the 1st time since filming it?

  • Blake

    As long as it’s not “I’m retiring” I want to hear it.

  • Zatch

    Is he finally gonna retire? lol jk wwe would suck without cena no mater how much people trash him he is still the face of the company.

  • Announcing the new show perhaps?

  • AntGilroy

    It’s about the new tv show

  • Shawn

    He’s actually straight

  • Jay

    He is the new commentator for Monday Night Raw!!!

  • Jay

    He sold his wedding ring on ebay!??

  • Jay

    HE HAS A NEW SHIRT and this time its in a RAINBOW COLOUR!!!!!!! With FRED FLINSTONE ON IT

  • Nick

    He’s the WNW source that speaks to Richard!

    • Code

      LOL If He Was It Would Really Stick Vince In The ….

  • hurrigame

    He’s marrying his partner live on RAW next week.

  • Jamie

    He's going to see walk out and never come back? So we can all say You can't see me and it actually means something.

  • Ian Myers

    He is Cranky Vince

  • Wedge 74

    drop dead people, without John Cena WWE would be nothing.