John Cena Says He Wants Another Shot At The Rock

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Wrestling News World reader Steven Muehlhausen sent in the following:

My name is Steven Muehlhausen and I host a Pro Wrestling/MMA Radio Show in Chicago called The Fight Club Chicago. I had conducted an interview with John Cena at Chicago Comic Con. Here is what Cena said about The Rock who has stated his intentions to return at The Royal Rumble to face whomever the WWE Champion is.

Cena on The Rock:

"I think about Wrestlemania every single day, whether is for the WWE Championship or not. I would like another shot to face The Rock."

You can listen to the complete interview at

For the latest on Wrestlemania XXIX main event plans, read this article on Richard's Backstage Blog.

  • mathew30

    i think they would be insane to do another match, it was bad the first time around especially for the best match in history.

  • Chris

    Once in a lifetime damn it!! Not twice

    • Ranfery25

      I guess they meant once in a “year”

    • Ranfery25

      I guess they meant once in a year ha

  • Kleck

    But you see Cena, nobody but you and your boss want to see another Rock/Cena match

  • Ricky Valdez

    A stipulation match at wrestlemania. John cena vs dwane Johnson, loser leaves wwe forever, that way we won’t ever have to see the broma dull ever again. Make it happen.

  • Daniel Lim'ass

    Change the tagline for Rock-Cena II as "Twice in a Lifetime" match; WrestleMania XXIX. Please no, I'd rather watch Rock-Punk as a main event at Mania.


    ROCK vs PUNK. Sounds great to me. But if they really want to do something cool, Rock vs Randy Orton. That’ll be a shocker!! lol

    • hurrigame

      Sounds like you’re in favor of rewarding bad behavior. Awesome.

  • Wwe4L76

    Not cena or cm punk 🙁 pls wwe!! For ones, do a good job

  • izblack

    Punk/Rock is a terrible idea. Punk main eventing a WM should never happen.

  • How about Cena vs rock vs punk vs big show
    For the wwe championship ?