John Cena Says He'll Be Ready If Chosen For WWE Hell In A Cell

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John Cena wrote the following on Twitter:

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Ranfery for sending this in.

  • Dave

    Good news if true, really don’t want to see Punk vs Ryberg.
    Although I smell a triple threat coming our way.

    • Ken

      I'd love to see Ryback in a main event, if for no other reason than to see what he can offer at that level of performance. I like Ryback though.
      I'd also be happy with a triple threat for the same reason.

      One way or another the WWE needs a lot of new stars at the top level, even if they don't work out in the long run.

  • Nick b

    Richard, will we be seeing Vince again tomorrow on raw?

  • Ethan

    Ugh! Nooooooo! Not another Cena/Punk match!

    • Richard Gray

      If they don't do Cena vs. Punk, how do they book Punk vs. Ryback? Put Ryback over Punk? Surely not yet, however, you also wouldn't want to end Ryback's undefeated streak. All things considered, Punk vs. Cena in a blowoff would be the most desirable in my opinion.

      • Bigdaddychuck

        Richard I will tell u how they could book it or how I would book it at least if ryback vs punk happens.. They have lesner under the ring and him and punk destroy ryback by throwing him through one of the cell walls.. Than punk and lesner just leave him laying in a bloody mess and this ending the show with out ending the actual match.. Than at survivor series it’s Cena and Ryback vs Punk and Lesner..

    • Wate Incy

      hey, better than berty getting another shot haha

      • hurrigame

        Yet Cena is proving that he can be just as big a whiny bitch as Berto. As far as the match, to take one from our tag team champions, do I want to see Punk vs Cena for the 1,000,000th time? HELL NO!

  • Sweetonion

    I smell DQ cm punk retain title and ryback still undefeated

    • Wate Incy

      uummm….hell in a cell…..DQ??? naw theres no DQs in a hell in a cell match bro, i dont like how they just accelerated ryback so fast from local jobbers to main even almost "over night" nonetheless he is good material i think it would pretty dope if they save ryback to face off against lensar at survivor series kinda like brock saving punk from ryback and then push ryback over lesnar and have him go for punk before royal rumble then punk ends ryback streak just so the rock can beat punk for the title at the rumble so punk can face steve austin at wrestlemania and this time for the title rock can face cena ….again…..for twice in a lifetime….i mean "once in a lifetime"….besides the way cena/punk ended at night of champions did you NOT see a rematch coming…

  • LeeMc

    If they have a triple threat punk could pin cena meaning technically rey back never lost

  • Nick b

    I hate the idea of ryback losing but not being pinned so the streak can remain. They did that with kozlov an it was annoying as hell! He lost to the undertaker by DQ, he lost the triple threat for the wwe title, he lost the elimination chamber for the wwe title! It was drug out and annoying that they continued to call him undefeated after so many losses. I don’t think it’s a good idea at all to have ryback in a triple threat and not get pinned. Leave him to one on one competition and only have him lose when they are ready to actually say the streak is over. Thoughts anyone?

  • Evon Reese

    As long as Punk looses I don't care.

  • Mike

    It’s simple: Ryback vs. punk. Ryback loses, and his undefeated streak is over, launching him to new heights and the creative team can book him with the main eventers solidifying his push without controversy

  • Robert olley

    If cena does go against punk at hiac he’ll end up injuring his elbow again he himself said 6 – 8 weeks till it was healed it hasn’t been that long I’m sure. Put ryback in,have lesnar come back and scrap with ryback leading to a dq.

  • ThisGuy

    Have Punk vs. Ryback. Have Punk screw Ryback by having getting Heyman involved. Have Lesnar return to screw Ryback since Punk and Lesnar are both “Heyman” guys.. Setting up a match between Ryback vs. Lesnar match at Survivor Series.

  • Jamie

    Punk picks no one, Vince makes a triple threat, Heyman screws Cena and Ryback, forcing DQ. Rock will be the one to take the title off Punk. Ziggler to cash in on The Rock?

  • Remi

    Ryback and lesnar? No No No !!