John Cena Says He's "Lifetime Drug Free"

In light of Milwaukee Brewers left fielder Ryan Braun being suspended without pay from Major League Baseball for violating their performance enhancing drugs policy, WWE Champion John Cena has spoken out.

In a series of Tweets posted on Tuesday, the WWE Champion said he is "lifetime drug free." The following is from Cena's verified Twitter account:

  • Patrick_OToole

    If he is looking for a nice clean snatch then why is he with one of the Bella twins?

    • Jimmy

      Because on some occasions its alright to be dirty 😉

  • David

    Cena needs to learn from Aaron Rodgers Twitter mistake.

  • PFElton

    Other than those steroids that you never get tested for, right John?

    • Chris

      Where’s your proof, or are you just a douche bag hater

  • Tim

    Everybody can hate on Cena for being stale. But at least he’s not. A scumbag loser. Who runs to drugs to help him out in his dark time.

    • thepowerserge

      That we know of.

  • AlphaMale

    I definitely believe he’s drug free now, but I’ve seen him say himself in an interview “I can’t say I’ve never used them, but you’ll never be able to prove I have”. He’s full of crap

  • tone

    sure Cena… we believe you…..