John Cena Says It's Been A Very Difficult Month For Him Personally

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John Cena took to Twitter this weekend to express how thankful he is for his fans, including the ones that "hate" him. Cena said it's been a very difficult month for him personally and during times like these it helps him see how much he loves wrestling.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Patrick Peralta for sending this in.

  • Bobby

    I respect John Cena.

  • James

    I dont hate Cena, I think his on screen character is boring! But at the same time I respect the hell out of him!

  • Alex

    I'm not a big Cena fan…but it's really just the character. The guy is a real class act and I hope things get better for him. I think sometimes we get absorbed with the TV personality that it takes away from the fact that these are real people with everyday problems.

  • Jeremy

    I like John Cena but hate his current character, a heel Cena would be appreciated.

  • Ilyas

    I love and respect The Champ and always will be John Cena! Go Cena you're my favorite wrestler in all of sports.

  • Danno

    He's cool but I think its time for a new finishing move.

  • RKOfan

    I've mixed feelings about this, on one side you wanna feel for the guy, on the other hand you want to kick his butt off… ahh well, some things never change.
    The wrong John left Wwe, thats for sure…

  • Ashley

    he also said there is no baby on the way……..

    • he said that because some dirtsheets were posting that he & wife Liz were expecting a baby because he said afterwards What do u know….something on the internet was incorrect

  • stoney

    I respect Cena, He loves the business even though gets booed week after week after week.

  • FeR

    I don't hate John Cena, I hate 'SuperCena'. It's always boring that no one can't beat him in a clean match. The idea of Cena unbeatable make watching Raw boring.

  • Tom lee

    I respect cena, he was the great one

  • snuggle

    I respect John Cena because the guy bust his butt day in and day out for the fans and this business there isn’t anybody that works harder or as hard as Cena plus he does more make-a-wishes for sick children than any other wrestler.

  • hope he over comes whatever he is going through

  • Matt K

    I love John Cena. He is the model employee WWE needs to continue pulling them out of the Benoit problem that has put a cloud over the business for some years now.

  • wwe fan444

    Cena is the man, but maybe becoming a heel would help him out with the fans

  • chopper

    cena is getting a bit boring and predictable in the ring then all of a sudden he comes out and gives mark hendry the AA and you cant take it away from the guy that was brilliant. but as alot of people are saying let him get beat in a clean fight for a while bit like what they did with sheamus then come back to prove a point working his way through the roster, but again they can't have him on a losing streak so close to his match with the rock. All in all i like cena just abit fed up with him just now,


    Cant stand his character he should really be pushing for a heel change!