John Cena Says There Was No Talk Of Canceling WWE Raw

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WWE Champion John Cena confirmed in a media appearance on Tuesday morning there was never any question that WWE would not go live with WWE Raw on Monday night despite the terrorist attack in Boston.

Cena discussed WWE being the first company to broadcast a live sporting event after 9/11 and talked about WWE being an outlet for people and a way to make them smile.

  • StraightEdgeForLife

    You should show wwe how upset you are by quitting. That’ll show em!!

    • Jason J

      You should show us how upset you are by taking a nap in the middle of the road or running a 3k race with a plastic bag over your head. That’ll show em!!

      • Jedek

        I’d rather have Randy Orton walk up to me and put his arms around me, give me a hug and pick me up and cradle me in his arms just to be affectionate with me and let me squeeze his bicep and for us to make out and nobody would have a problem with the two of us doing that together. I’d also want to rest my head on his shoulder and chest and make him smile and laugh just because I really like things about him and admire him so much! But….uh, HOW in the world is he supposed to be allowed to do that with me???
        I just think that he’s a terriffic person in his own way. He’s got an incredible physique and is a tremendous person on the inside!

        • Dangerous Lee


        • Jim

          Go home Jedek, you’re drunk!