John Cena Says Wrestlemania Match Against Hogan Would Be A Dream Come True

TMZ Sports had a camera at John Cena's Kmart signing at Penn Station in New York City on Tuesday. Cena was asked about facing Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania XXX.

John said it would be a dream come true but he wouldn't want to put Hogan in a situation where he would not be physically capable. He said it wouldn't be Wrestlemania XXX without the Hulkster and he hopes they can get him there regardless of his capacity.

We've heard from multiple sources out of Hogan's camp that Hogan wants to face Cena in a match at next year's pay-per-view. The two parties are reportedly negotiating but neither Vince McMahon nor Triple H want the deal to be contingent on Hogan getting a singles match at Wrestlemania against Cena.

You can watch the TMZ Sports interview below:



  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    Cena would literally be carrying Hogan..

  • Jbreed

    It would be a nightmare for everybody else.

  • King A sshole

    Does anybody, anywhere, actually think this could be a good idea at this stage in Hogan’s life? Lets face it, he can’t, and shouldn’t try, to give us half of what he did twenty-five years ago. I get that its a dream match, but its a dream match that pits Hulk Hogan in 1985 against John Cena, Not a sixty year old man who has had way to many back, hip and knee injuries to count, who just doesn’t know when to give up. Last month, my sister gave me three WWE DVD Sets, the two Survivor Series Anthologies and the three disc Hulk Hogan Unreleased Matches set, as welcome home gifts for moving back to Texas. The SS Vol. 1 and Unreleased Matches sets made me realize how much I loved Hogan as a kid, I found myself cheering him and praying he would win, even though I knew almost all of the outcomes, my point is I have a new found respect for Hogan, and because of that I wouldn’t want him to be put into a situation that could possibly leave him in a wheelchair, just because he wanted a paycheck. I think we all would rather him be remembered as the King of the Eighties, rather than a broken, hollow shell of a once great hero.

  • BIG M

    Hogan is literally one bump from being a criple the way his body is.
    Just imagine if he took Cena’s finisher.
    Getting thrown off Cena’s shoulders and falling 6 feet landing back first would probably kill him or at best leave him paralyzed from the waist down givin how many surgeries he’s had on his spine.
    I sincerely hope WWE won’t even think about booking this for Hogan’s sake.

    • Avalanchian

      Maybe Cena wants to be the true legend killer of careers.

  • K!nG

    The Prototype Vs The Plastic Man

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    Nightmare is a dream too, John…

  • Nostaljack

    The spectacle would have been amazing…20 years ago. Now, it’s the mother of all bad ideas. He’s no longer capable of getting through a match and, even if my some miracle he did, it wouldn’t be a beautifully-worked match at all as Cena would be doing all the work. Cena’s not as bad as most say he is but it’s too much to ask.

  • DamnCloudFF7

    Lol at the thought of “Cena carrying a match”.

  • hogan should beat the hell out of cena..

  • The great one

    its a shame he”S a year late he would of been perfect for when John and rock were having their match and would of made for a great segment or he could of been a special referee but a match at this point would just be ridiculous…

  • Dave Barton

    Now I’m starting to want to see this match, but more in a “train wreck” kind of way. WM30, the biggest ppv ever, and Hogan could break a hip or end up paralyzed. Part of me says if he really thinks he can pull it off, go for it…I just don’t think he can do it without hurting himself badly & screwing up the match. He’d have to do some serious training in the ring for at least a couple months, daily, to prove he can still handle it.

  • clint

    Hogan needs to stop, his day is over quit trying to take away from the younger guys, I saw his passing of the torch match with rock and rock did it for cena at last years wrestlemania its over, hogan vs cena no, put hogan in cenas corner against cesaro and the real americans at wrestlemania, but hogan will still lobby for the match needs to make himself look good, or maybe cena vs goldberg

    also Jericho vs Undertaker his streak against a man he has never beat