John Cena Set To Compete Tonight On Raw

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The official WWE website has announced that, despite his injury, John Cena will still compete tonight, teaming with Ryback against The Shield.

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  • I smell an injury angle

  • Cena aint going anywhere or off tv regardless wtf happens

  • Chris

    Just go away Cena!!! And don’t come back untill your not annoying anymore!!!

    • Matt

      When you have an injury, of any sort, do be a sport and let us know so we can tell you to go away and not come back as you’re clearly not going to stop being annoying. Do you realise how demented it is wishing pain on someone? Take a look at yourself mate. You’re a sick person.

    • Jamie

      Why don’t do you wrap a plastic bag around your head and runaround until you sop breathing you jackass

    • Jax

      He’s absolutely right!!! Cena blows!!!

      • Carlos is a dumbass

        And you swallow

  • T-Zone

    No matter the topic, you can always count on people commenting on John Cena, no matter if they’re for or not. Despite the unconfirmed injury severity, you can always count on Cena to toughen it up. His in-ring character may be goofy at times, but you can’t question his drive and passion for this industry. Lets wait until RAW tonight, before writing him off.

    • Xavier

      And that’s why Cena has been the #1 guy in the company since 2005 and rightfully so.

  • If the injury is legit its a good way to write Cena off TV and boost The Shield in the process

    • David F

      plus it would force WWE to give other young talent a chance to main event

  • Ryan

    This means one of two things:
    1) the injury is not bad and can be worked through
    2) the injury requires surgery and an extended absence, and Cena is willing to give Ryback and the shield a rub as he is written off tv

    Either way, we’ll have our answer in only a few hours!

    • Xavier

      I was thinking along those same lines.

      • Funny how much love you both show for Cena while AVOIDING the key point altogether, which was about Cena staying THE HELL AWAY from the main event for longer than a few weeks. What are your responses, oh great and powerful sirs? I await your counsel.

        • Xavier

          Why would McMahon keep his top guy away from the main event scene? That wouldn’t make sense from a business or storyline standpoint. When Hogan was on top he was always in the main event, when Austin was on top he was always involved in the main event scene. So why would that change now? And you said Cena never puts people over, so I used FACTS too prove you wrong,.

        • Xavier

          But judging from your comments, I can tell your just another bitter Cena Hater who really doesn’t know what the hell their talking about.

    • As much as I want to believe you, I find both conclusions extremely unlikely. The last time Cena was “injured” he came back just in time for the Royal Rumble…miraculously. As for giving either The Shield or Ryback a rub, he’s become a modern day Warrior in that he doesn’t put anyone over, much less make their moves look legit…I’m reminded of Warrior’s match vs Triple H when he took a pedigree and shrugged it off only to win the match minutes later. Cena’s done the same with every guy they’ve put in front of him. I may not wish the worst on him or any other guy in the locker room, but how about taking some time off AWAY from the main event for once, instead of lurking in the shadows.

      • Xavier

        Didn’t Cena put Punk over in 2011? Didn’t Cena put Edge, RVD & Sheamus over giving them their 1st World titles? Or Was I just imagining that?

      • Matt

        Warrior was booked to do that HHH was being punished after the Kliq had their in ring moment in camera.

  • After I watched this video on I can honestly say that once Cena is affiliated with Make a Wish and stuff a heel change won’t happen. Cena the character needs to be revamped a bit, but once Cena is doing stuff for the kids he in all likeliness won’t turn heel. I respect Cena for the work that he is doing with the kids. Like it or not, The Heel turn will not happen

  • What do you guys think needs to be done with Cody in order for him to begin rising to main event status. At the beginning of the year he was one of my picks for the MITB Briefcase but he has been jobbing like crazy

  • Run away Matt unless you want to eat an RKO

  • Do you guys see Team Hell No dropping the belts at ER or Payback? I honestly would prefer to see them drop it at Payback as it fits in well with the Payback theme of the PPV. Team Hell No can retain at ER, handing their Shield their first loss (even if it is by DQ) and then The Shield can get Payback by winning the belts at Payback

  • My apologies was commenting on the wrong post.